The story of an individual with Money, Power, and respect struggling and trying to make it back safely into the arms of his beloved!

So you think you know what "Street life" is all about?

Over 50,000 views & described as a "real eye opener" & insightful on the life that young individuals live in the streets of London.

This book takes you in for a ride into the life of an individual trying to maintain the Money, Power, and respect that comes from living this life while struggling and going through obsticles trying to make it back home safely into the arms of his beloved!

It also helps explain, as well as show you, and takes you deep into the real life, the street life, where many have failed and died trying to stay alive while also staying focus and keeping a dream alive.



“What’s on your mind baby, tell me what it is and not what it seems.” If the problem is about me not having answered my phone lately, then you should already know the answer to that. Although I’m out here money chasing, nothing but memories of your beautiful smile helps me get through the day! The way you always smile at me every time I lick my lips and look at you, with you already knowing what I’m thinking, does nothing but fill me up with excitement to see you. Even though you’re not here by my side holding my hands and filling me up with passionate kisses and motivation, no other female will ever get me laced up like you can! What we have is more real than any Twitter tweets or BB display pictures of love that these confused females look at and wish for. All those late nights of us lying in bed with my arms wrapped around you while your head is placed on my chest, are more vivid and will forever speak louder than a still picture. My urge to be there with you and pick you up and take you upstairs into our room and lay you on top of the bed kissing those sweet, wet and warm lips of yours, is my greatest wish! I wish I could be there right now and use my tongue like a snake, leaving warm wet traces across your neck whilst gently nibbling on your ear and slowly massaging you behind the ear with my tongue, while you hold me tight. After slowly making my way down with my tongue to your breasts, with my right hand having already un-buttoned your bra like a skilled locks smith. I proceed to lick you slowly with extreme warmth from the tip of your nipples in a circular motion, whilst smoothly massaging and delicately squeezing on your breast. I continue to lick you from your breast all the way down to your belly button with your hands strongly placed on my shoulders, with your eyes rolled back. You lick your lips with excitement and desire. Having reached near your belly button, my snake tricks stop there as you know I don’t go down south. Still, with the temperature raising inbetween the sheets and your panties soaking wet with a ticklish desire being felt inside your heaven, I skilfully remove your panties with my draws having gone south and me doing north. With your legs opened and the gates of heaven inbetween your legs permitting a neighbourhood thug/woman pleaser to enter your kingdom of heaven. I dress myself in a white see through tuxedo and with my eyes deeply gazing at yours; I lie down on top of you and slowly enter inside your kingdom. With my entrance inside your wet and sticky heaven causing a pleasurable feeling and more wetness, I go deep inside your delicate corridor feeling the tightness while you constantly clinch your feet and kiss me passionately. Whilst we kiss passionately with you grabbing my behind tight, I increase the speed with you facing down, ass up and with me hitting it from the back and slapping it. I know you feel and understand the wetness and heat that this is causing, but trust me baby. I promise to bring you numerous excitement inbetween your legs and a waterfall of orgasms when I get there! Until then, you can always call me when you’re feeling lonely and miss my arms around you. I’m always missing and thinking about you

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