The story of an individual with Money, Power, and respect struggling and trying to make it back safely into the arms of his beloved!

So you think you know what "Street life" is all about?

Over 50,000 views & described as a "real eye opener" & insightful on the life that young individuals live in the streets of London.

This book takes you in for a ride into the life of an individual trying to maintain the Money, Power, and respect that comes from living this life while struggling and going through obsticles trying to make it back home safely into the arms of his beloved!

It also helps explain, as well as show you, and takes you deep into the real life, the street life, where many have failed and died trying to stay alive while also staying focus and keeping a dream alive.



There isn’t anything more heartfelt then hearing your mother shedding tears in the dark whilst your phone rings, telling you it’s time to go back out and make money! My father left me like the wind and to be honest, the day this wind returns I won’t be able to feel it. My first brother died before he could take his first breath of life, whilst my two sisters are scattered around the globe like thrown dice. Looking into the mirror each day I manage to see myself, but when I stare deep into my eyes, I see a burning fire while the tool present inbetween my draws continues to freeze my heart. Two days ago, my mother and I decided to part our separate ways which has me now searching for my own resident inside Pandora’s Box. I don’t blame her as I have brought her more pain and tears then happy smiles and vivid memories. These days when I wear my blue chucks, people think I’m a Crip when in reality, I’m just trying to stay fly like the colour Crip in the sky. In my neighbourhood, I’ve seen more intoxicating situations then Anne Frank while my African skin, has felt more hatred and racism then hugs! From a young age, I’ve carried more tools than hope and ambition which led me to break in into people’s houses leaving them to guess the missing object in the image on their return. I’ve played the Robin Hood role in these streets as well as the doctor’s role, prescribing my clients with poison and death everytime they phoned my line. I know my life is darker than the barrel of a gun but when I die, please don’t cry but smile for me as I was never the smiling type! I’m so happy that a soul that I met and connected with like Wi-Fi and raised mentally, is doing well in life having made it to university. Hearing her laugh and smile everytime we speak, is the warm heat she unknowingly provides me each time to unfreeze my heart. In addition to this, my young nigga reckless is finally beginning to understand the meaning of having his time on W.A.T.C.H which I am also blessed for. The young nigga reps RAD gang to the fullest which is why, from a neighbourhood thug to a RAD member. My wish of freedom goes out to Ceaser! There isn’t a visual more empty then having to look at empty walls and cold bars.

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