The story of an individual with Money, Power, and respect struggling and trying to make it back safely into the arms of his beloved!

So you think you know what "Street life" is all about?

Over 50,000 views & described as a "real eye opener" & insightful on the life that young individuals live in the streets of London.

This book takes you in for a ride into the life of an individual trying to maintain the Money, Power, and respect that comes from living this life while struggling and going through obsticles trying to make it back home safely into the arms of his beloved!

It also helps explain, as well as show you, and takes you deep into the real life, the street life, where many have failed and died trying to stay alive while also staying focus and keeping a dream alive.



“Do you still believe in me, or have you forgotten about me already?” I know I promised you that I would never leave you and that I would always be there to wipe the lonely tears of your eyes when you missed me. The truth is I just couldn’t stand the life we were living waking up every morning to a cold empty fridge while we hoped for a better day which is why I left! Since I’ve been out here grinding on my own, nothing but stress and constant fumes of intoxication surrounds me from my goals. The majority of my friends are now facing 3-7 years in prison while the rest, are out here trapping and poisoning. I’m still out here forced to stay strapped whilst a hoody over my head conceals me from timewasters. A couple of weeks ago, I almost lost my life as some fools tried it with me forcing me to pull out my weapon and make one of them run while my right fist had the other one on the ground bleeding excessively. I didn’t hurt him, but deep inside my heart I wished I had killed him! Although you’re reading this and will probably blame it on pride and childishness, but I have my selfish reasons. The way I see it, it’s fuck anybody that doubts me as I had to suffer plenty of times in these streets just to earn my stripes and respect. I’ve begun seeing darkness once again with nobody around me, but my shadow. All these stress and problems has me feeling my war wounds opening up once again while the constant sound of ambulance day and night, has me looking at my weapon beside my bed every time I think of going back outside. I know I promised to never leave you, but I believe in my dream and ambitions! I’ve always told you, it’s not where I am right now, but where I am going to be when it’s all set and done. I refuse to live as a failure and not give us the life we deserve, seeing you smile genuinely with a shining diamond ring around your finger showing you my commitment to always be there by your side. I know I’m hurting you deeply without my presence there next to you, but please forgive me and believe in me! Things are going to change for the better and I’m going to make it in time to you even if I have to shoot and duck, whilst hurting a couple of people along the way. Just believe in me and forgive me for all the lonely nights and the pain that you’re feeling deep in your chest because of me. I’m almost home! Whenever you’re thinking about me or wish I was there baby, just close your eyes and think about all the good times we had and how fast I’m driving just to wipe the lonely tears off your priceless heart. I’m coming!!!!

I dedicate this to all my fans all around the world supporting me, and my neighbourhood movement. My female and male fans, Neighbourhood fans, BB fans, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, YOUTUBE, and my UK, USA, Africa, China, Germany and everyone else that constantly go to my blog to read my stories. I love you all!


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