Dream Catch Me (Student/Teacher Romance)

Plain Jane. Previously bullied Jane is starting at a new school, where she hopes to escape her bullied past by her mother, brother and peers. The extra pounds from her previously plump body now gone, Jane feels like a new person. Her first day of school doesn't go to plan and the next is not much better. Hopefully a certain geography teacher can turn it around, despite a new group of plastics following her every move. Of course, a story is not a story without the usual danger, threats and romance...


2. Chapter Two

  The first thing I noticed about the stranger were his eyes. However cliche it may seem, they captured mine, letting the world sink away. The frozen chill of the air seemed to heat up as we continued to stare at each other.    I was the first to break away, gaining back the composure he managed to make me lose. While finding my footing again, hoping this time was more successful, I grumbled "Thank you", half lost by the croak in my throat.   Stepping back and lifting my gaze to anywhere but his eyes, I noticed his blonde hair was flicked across his eyes. It looked effortless, the messy yet perfectly styled way that complemented his appearance. His leather jacket over a green jumper, perfectly fitting black jeans and the brown leather converse all matched, making him look like a Abercrombie & Fitch model.

I always managed to embarrass myself in front of attractive people, one of the reasons I was bullied for so long; the cute boys I liked thought I was creepy with my embarrassing moments around them.  One time, while sneaking a peak at the famous James, the one everyone idolised, he caught my eye. This causing me to jump in fright and fall off my chair, gaining a concussion and a few stitches on my brow as my head made contact with the metal of the desk. Despite bleeding at a rapid rate and feeling extremely dizzy, half the class laughed, not one offering their hand to help me up. From then on I tried my best to not look at James, or anyone for that matter in fear of causing myself more embarrassment and teasing.   

Not wanting to make another embarrassing moment and potential for emotional scarring, I turned on my heel and started to flee the scene. "W-wait!" I heard from behind me, the angelic voice causing me to halt mid stride. Slowly I turned around, this time daring to look into his jade green eyes that once held me prisoner. Without saying a single word, I continued to stare, beginning to bite the corner of my lip out of a nervous force of habit.  "Are you okay? I think you're bleeding? On your left hand?" he said.  

Looking down to my left hand I saw a trickle of blood travelling from my wrist down into my palm before dripping onto the ground from my pinkie finger. Out of surprise I let out a squeak, "Oh!"; his right eyebrow rose in a questioning look as if to ask me if I were okay. I hardly felt pain anymore, after so many bullying episodes went too far. So this graze on my wrist was nothing, if not just a hassle to me.  I put on a fake smile showing my perfectly straight teeth, hoping to distract him from the dullness in my eyes, and said in a voice as cheery as I could make it, "Just a scratch, no hassle, but thank you for saving me from slipping again!"  

His brow scrunched in confusion, scrutinising my word choice. Before he could say anything else I turned on my heel again, this time hoping he would let me go. When no reply came I turned around and saw him still standing there, watching my retreating back. I wondered why he was still standing there? Maybe he wasn't lost at all, and was waiting for someone? Probably his model girlfriend. That's it, one of his girlfriends, those model types, all the same! I thought to myself.   

Except that last time I turned around I dared to look into those eyes, it was only then I saw a hint of dullness behind his incredible looks. A dull like mine. A scarred and hurting dull. I wanted to turn around again, for the umpteenth time this morning and run into his arms to make his hurt heal, to relieve him of his pain.  Instead, I continued down the pathway without looking back and giving in to my temptations this time.   

I circled around the town, discovering my new home as a went along. The Italian restaurants, vintage shops, second hand stores, the little convenience store and the music shop all making me feel like I was in the right place. Maybe it was this time I would settle in nicely, even make a friend? A real one.  I scoffed out loud at the possibility of having a friend, my Mother was right, no one would want to stick around for that long. As I passed the next intersection I recognised the street. Going back to my memorised route I started walking slightly faster now, knowing I was extremely late for my first day. I probably even missed my calc lesson that was first period. Hopefully.   

Walking the streets of my new home just one town over from my old town, I began to think of the possibilities I now had. A job! I could get a job! Without my name tarnished by my reputation I could finally hold down a job. The prospect of saving enough money to go to university or college was getting me worked up, causing my legs to move faster and I broke into a jog-walk.    Dodging all possible black ice patches on the sidewalk I finally reached the new school that could change my life, for better or for worse. I approached the glass doors at the front of the school, a large sticker of the school emblem and their mascot the panther plastered over the middle. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes for a second, a silent prayer you could say.   

A middle aged women with thick red glasses on the bridge of her nose sat behind a desk in the front office. When I walked up to the desk she smiled brightly and welcomed me, "Hello! Welcome to Roslyn High, home of the panthers! How can I help sweetie?" Shocked at the informal language, and strange feeling over being called 'sweetie' I stumbled over my words.   "Oh.. Um.. Ah..I-" before I could finish, or even start for that matter she interrupted.   "Bit nervous are we? First day? In that case, you must be Jane. Jane Reddington?" She peered over her glasses at me expectantly.   

"Ah yes. I'm Jane." I replied, finding my feet a little, letting my words flow. She smiled, getting the answer she wanted. Spinning around on her office chair she ruffled through some papers, muttering a "ah hah!" when she found what she was looking for.  "Here is your new timetable, you'll see you have already missed first and almost second period, but don't worry about that! The principle would just like a small word with you before you set off for your first day as a panther at Roslyn High School!" I grasped the piece of paper she held in front of me, scanning over it quickly. Period 1 - calculus, period 2 - physics, period 3 - gym, period 4 - geography, period 5 - biology and period 6 - chemistry. 

"As our school here is slightly smaller than your average school in student numbers, we all have our lunch after period 4. Most people go to the cafeteria, some pack their own lunches but you must not leave the school grounds." she said and looked at me for a sign I understood. After I nodded, giving her the sign she needed she continued, "Mr. George will see you now, just knock and wait for him to let you enter." the receptionist pointed to a door I must have missed behind me and to my left.  "Thank you ma'am" I replied before making my way to the large wooden door with 'Mr. Simon George' printed in bold letters. I raised my fist to the door and rapped loudly on the door three times before waiting for a reply.   

I heard a muffled "Come in!" from behind the door. I entered the room and saw a middle aged man with greyish hair sitting behind a large mahogany desk facing the window behind me. A couch sat in the corner and a sad looking flower sat in a pot on the filing cabinet next to his desk. Mr. George motioned toward the tartan covered set facing his desk.   "Please take a seat Miss Reddington." he said. "Thanks." I replied. "So I understand you've changed school due to bullying. Now I'm hoping you'll be very happy here as we have a zero tolerance to bullying in our school."   I nodded in understanding. I too was hoping I would be happy. A fresh start would do me all the world of good! "Unfortunately I had to send the guide I had planned for you back to class as a result of your lateness, I hope this won't become a regular thing for you. Tardiness results in detentions Miss Reddington. I have a map here for you to use to navigate around the school grounds." he handed me a piece of paper.   "And on that note, I believe it is time to send you on your way!" he continued.  "Thank you sir! I'm certainly looking forward to my new school", I replied cheerily .

I stood up from my chair and headed towards the door.  As I was walking the corridors, it was then I started to feel nervous. What if the people hate me? What if they like me, I don't know how to make friends! I was too busy thinking to notice the person walking toward me. Her heels clacked noisily along the linoleum lined floor, sending an echo that no doubt could be heard from miles away. She looked like the classic school queen bee, short skirt, heels, tight top stretched across her chest and her blonde hair straightened and styles to perfection. Her overall queen bee look was confirmed when she looked me in the eye, hers squinting in a threatening way as if to say 'I don't know who you are, but I rule the school here, so don't get in my way'. To illustrate her point she continued to walk straight towards me, suddenly realising she wasn't going to walk around me, I quickly jumped to the side, not wanting to cause trouble on my first day. 

Recovering myself as the clacking of her heels retreated around the corner of the corridor, I looked to my map again. Straight ahead, right, out the door, across the field down the path and inside the building took me to the gym. As it was still period two, all the student were in their classes still, leaving me time to explore the facility before next period. Climbing a set of stairs I came across a door to a weights room filled with treadmills, weights, rowing machines and bikes. I smiled a little, knowing this place would become my haven, my safe place.   

Back down the stairs I came across a set of large doors off the foyer area, labeled 'gymnasium'. Not wanting to walk in on a lesson I turned around to find a teacher of some sort.    'Coach Green' the labeled said. I knocked on the door which as promptly opened by a fit 40ish looking old man, in a typically cliche tracksuit. Looking at the map in my hand and my slightly nervous expression he must have come to the conclusion that I was a new student.  "Ah, Miss Jane Reddington I assume?"   After nodding, he turned around and handed me a set of shorts and a large looking white t-shirt with a panther on the front.  "Class starts in 10 minutes, take your time and get changed third door on your left," he said, motioning down the hall on my right.

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