Dream Catch Me (Student/Teacher Romance)

Plain Jane. Previously bullied Jane is starting at a new school, where she hopes to escape her bullied past by her mother, brother and peers. The extra pounds from her previously plump body now gone, Jane feels like a new person. Her first day of school doesn't go to plan and the next is not much better. Hopefully a certain geography teacher can turn it around, despite a new group of plastics following her every move. Of course, a story is not a story without the usual danger, threats and romance...


4. Chapter Four

 Ignoring it, thinking it was for someone else, i continued to walk out of the gym and to my next geography class. "Hey!" he said again, with a little more volume. I turned around to be met with the jock, his brown hair still flopped over his brow like when he was running. Now he was showered and changed, he looked like less of a jock, wearing some black slim fit jeans and a plain navy t-shirt that matched his navy vans. "Geez! You even walk fast! Slow down there Speedy!" He walked up to me and stopped when he was about 2 feet in front me. I stood there with one eyebrow raised in a questioning look. I was still unsure of what he could possibly want with Plain Jane, maybe he came to tell me to back off? Knowing I could be a threat to his running.

I knew I'd do it too. I back off at any type of confrontation, the reason I didn't respond to my mother this morning, and was passive with my brother. I've never really seen the point of fighting back if all it was going to do what get me in more trouble. I learnt it from a very young age, just after my father left; answering back got a slap. I never dared say anything to threaten people, in fear of that red hot hand mark that could be imprinted on my cheek. "Now I've got your attention, I'm Tom Fletcher, but everyone calls me Fletch." he said, a hand extending to me. Still a little cautious I stared at his hand for a few seconds before I reached forward with my own hand and firmly grasped his, I replied, "Jane Reddington, but everyone calls me Jane."

He cracked a small smile at that, the corner of his lift turning up. He obviously wasn't expecting those choice of words from me. I don't know what may have given it away, my quiet personality or my unwillingness to socialise with people. Hard to tell. "Aah, a bit of a smart-arse are we? Well, what class does the smart-arse have next?" Fletch asked. "Geography, which I think is that way.." I said, pointing to the north east of me. "It's just as well you have me then isn't it, because in fact, the geography room is.... That way." he pointed over my shoulder. "Come on, don't want to be late on your first day now do we?" he said, not yet knowing the extent of my early morning lateness.

Fletch grabbed my forearm and started to lightly drag me along the path to geography. Without looking at me, and more on the path ahead he started a conversation. "So where'd you learn to run like that? Or is it a natural talent?" he asked. I was a bit taken aback by his straightforward question, I was thinking he would try to ease into the subject of me beating him, but instead he asked with no time to waste. "A bit of natural talent, a bit of hard work and a lacking social life," I answered honestly. When I first started running, I never expected to improve as fast as I did, and I pinned that on having a smidgen of natural talent. Fletch let out a small laugh, amused by my reply.

"I see, me too I guess. Who needs friends when you can run away from them?" We turned a corner in the path, and approached a large two story building. "Well Jane, geography is upstairs second on your right, you won't miss it, just look for the extremely hot teacher all the girls swoon over and you'll be fine. Or maybe just look for a trail of unconscious girls leading to the room." I laughed at that, now how hot was this teacher? I never heard of any rumours that might indicate such exists... "It was nice meeting you, and I'll see you later I guess. Oh, you should join the cross country team too, we meet after school on a Thursday on the road outside school. You should come!"

Fletch slowly backed down the path we came from. Before he was out of my sight, he yelled "See you later call me Jane!" The loud shrill indicating the start of class rang overhead, startling me and causing a loud "Shit!" to be heard somewhere in the general direction of where Fletch was. I climbed the stairs and found the door to geography. I knocked lightly, before I opened the door and entered. I was getting annoyed with the stares, especially when every set of eyes in the class landed on me. I could feel them burning into my side as I walked with my head down to the teachers desk at the front of the class. I guess my tardiness didn't help the attention I was gaining from my fellow students.

When I reached the teachers desk, which my schedule indicated was a Mr. Hunter's desk, I looked up trying not to catch any eyes of the students looking at me. I gasped. Those same green eyes, the ones I recognised to be filled with a slightly dull look belonged to the teacher standing in front of me. I quickly looked down at my hands, unable to believe what was happening. I guess Fletch was right about the hot teacher thing... He looked exactly the same as when he had helped my to my feet after the ice incident this morning, his effortless handsome quality making me stutter. "A-a-ah sorry I'm late Sir, I ah, got lost.."

When he didn't reply, I looked up, only to be met with a wide pair of eyes, as if he couldn't believe it either. Strange, I thought. "O-oh yes, Miss Jane Reddington, ah there's a seat here in the middle of the second row you can sit in" he too stuttered a little bit. I shuffled my way over to the seat, still aware of the unwavering stares of my classmates. I lowered into the seat, dropping my bag near my feet and pulling out the notebook and a pen from the back pocket. Throughout the lesson, we kept glancing at each other. I think it was out of curiosity on both of sides, me curious about how I ended up with him as a teacher when I could almost be certain he wouldn't work here, seeing as he too would've been late.

I think he was curious about how I ended up in his class too, after being extremely late and walking through town during school hours. I kept up during the lesson, taking notes on the impacts of agriculture on the physical environment and the cultural environment. After the loud bell rang once again, indicating the end of class I packed my bag and left, glancing at Mr. Hunter one last time before I departed and catching his eye. He quickly looked away, almost in an embarrassed manner. I was walking to my next class, biology when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder from behind. Turning my head, Fletch caught me eye and gave me a small wink.

"Hey Jane, heading to Biology? Because that's where I'm going!" He said with an eagerness to his voice. "What's so exciting about Biology?" I curiously asked. "Well, it seems to be the schools policy to hire young, attractive male teachers, ew sorry, except Old Mr. Hannigan! That man will never be attractive. So please refrain from launching yourself at Mr. Lewis."

Fletch scowled a little, clearly pissed at the schools hiring of the teachers. I heard him mumble over the loud mass of teenagers in the corridor "Stealing my ladies.." We entered the class with 30 other students and I took a seat in the middle next to Fletch. I am starting to think he may be my first friend, being the only person who has talked to me and not made any nasty comments yet, we may become great friends. But it's early days yet, and with my lack of social skills, he may turn away. A young male teacher walked in the door of the biology room, flowing black hair and dark tanned skin. T

he colour of his hair matching the tie he was wearing with the white shirt he paired it with. Immediately as he stepped inside and made his way to the desk with a satchel or bag of some sort, a dozen of the girls in the room instantly started to flirt with him. "Having a nice day Mr. Lewis? I bet it's better now that I'm here!" "Mr. Lewis! We're not dissecting today are we? You may have to catch me when I faint!" I glanced over a Fletch who was not impressed, a deep scowl across his face. Mr. Lewis was clearly enjoying the attention evident by a large smirk spread across his face, a contrasting one to the one on Fletch's face. I slowly shook my head, a little disgusted at the scene that was playing out before me. I'll bet Mr. Lewis became a teacher for one thing: the high school girls.

Not the opportunity to teach tomorrow's generation or share his knowledge of biology. Maybe he wanted to share his other knowledge of biology with the high school girls... I noticed a slight accent while he was teaching the structure of DNA, a subject I was already familiar with. The period passed quickly, and I noticed happily that there were less stares in my direction but more at the cocky Mr. Lewis. I pulled out my cell phone, checking the time just as the bell rang. I packed away the new textbook given to me and my notebook with notes. I filed out behind Fletch with the rest of my classmates and out the front of the school. The students moved with a sense of urgency, finally happy to see the end of their first day back of the term. As I exited the school gates I remembered I left my phone sitting on the desk when I was packing away my books.

"Fletch, I left my phone, I'll see you tomorrow maybe?" I asked, a little hopeful tone in my voice. "Yeah sure" He smiled a warm smile. Happy with his reply I turned around, with the same smile on my face and retreated back into the school building, going against the flow of the leaving students. I walked to the biology room and opened the door. I wasn't expecting anyone to be in there, seeing as it WAS after school, so you can imagine my surprise when I was confronted with Mr. Lewis entwined with that of a long legged blonde on his desk. The sound of the door opening disturbing an obvious make out session. I gasped, unsure of what to do I just said, "I ah forgot my phone..."

Before I rushed to my desk, relieved to see it still sitting there picked it up and ran out of the room. I knew I was right! Mr Lewis is a creepy teacher, using his position and good looks to seduce the high school girls. Milling over this thought I walked home, hardly noticing any of my surroundings as I walked the streets of my new town. What am I going to do? Do I have to do anything? What if he is taking advantage of that girl? Well to be honest, from what I saw, she was a just as willing participant as he was it seemed. The thoughts from this afternoon's lesson still plagued my mind as I set out for my run. I drowned out the sound of my own thoughts by turning up the music on my ancient second hand iPod shuffle and then I ran, and ran, and ran. Running towards the horizon.

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