The Last Party

One by one, each of Lilly's friends move away to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Lilly feels they are all doing this as a sign of betrayal. Little does Lilly know that the truth is far from betrayal.

But once a mistake is made, it cannot be taken back.


7. Depression

“Lilly, I’ve looked over every single medical note I can find, and there just seems to be no logical explanation for your condition. I don’t understand why your hair would lose its color and volume. I’m sorry for scheduling this emergency appointment, I thought there may have been something seriously wrong with you,” the Nurse stated, flipping over some notes. “But do you know why this could be happening?”

Lilly put her hand to her chin. “Well, it usually only happens when I’m really sad I guess...”

“Oh? So you’re going through depression? Well, let me prescribe something for that, can’t have you getting too sad about things!” the Nurse said while opening up one of her cabinets. She sifted through it, and grabbed a pill bottle. She placed the small container beside Lilly. “This here is called an anti-depressant, I’m going to prescribe them for you, but I must warn you. Don’t mix them with alcohol, and only take one of those a day. Having more than the maximum dose could be fatal, and we really don’t want that!”

Lilly took the bottle and turned to walk out. “Thanks... I guess. See you later, miss.”

“Oh, Lilly! Before you go!” Lilly turned around. “I expect to see you next month, so we can see how those anti-depressants are working, okay?”

“Will do. Bye.” Lilly turned back towards the exit of the clinic, and walked outside. The day was dreary, clouds hung ominously in the sky, gentle rain starting to cover the landscape. She looked both ways across the street, before beginning a slow walk back to her own home.

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