The Last Party

One by one, each of Lilly's friends move away to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Lilly feels they are all doing this as a sign of betrayal. Little does Lilly know that the truth is far from betrayal.

But once a mistake is made, it cannot be taken back.


3. Chloe

It had been a month since Millie’s last letter. Lilly watched Chloe run off in the distance, a look of determination on her face. Chloe had earned herself a private try-out for the Wonderbolts, a highly skilled gymnastics team, who were now seated, watching her well-drilled performance. She had already done the 'Speed Strut', which involved her running into a strut which then lead into a double flip into the air. Chloe quickly followed with her best trick. The stunning move left the Wonderbolts with their jaws wide open, hanging almost to the floor.

Turning back, Chloe leaped into a split jump. She then performed a 360 spin, into an intense set of flips and cartwheels. She then finished her performance with a high leap into the air followed by a set of 980 degree spins.

Lilly was waving a giant foam finger in the air, cheering madly at seeing her friend perform the mythical stunt. Her friends had covered they're eyes afraid Chloe might do something stupid but Lilly was still at full stance on her legs, leaping and hollering, as if nothing could ever stop her from cheering. She watched as Chloe began to walk towards the small group of her friends.

Amber was the first to speak up. “Well, Ah’ll be, Chloe! That sure was one heck of a show ya put on! If that didn’t knock those Wonderbolts out, I don't know what would!” 

Chloe took in the comment, enjoying her friend’s praise as she gently sat down to the ground. “I know, wasn’t I just awesome?! But, what can you expect from the greatest gymnast in all of the world?”  As soon as sat on a welcoming chair, she was tackled by a high-speed blur.

“Wow, Chloe! That was sooooo good!” Lilly said rapidly, not even taking a breath between the words.

Chloe nodded as her friend complimented her. “I can’t take all the credit! Your cheering may have helped me just a teensy bit, Lilly! Now, umm... can you get off me? You’re sort of standing on my foot.”

Lilly looked down and gasped, before hopping off of her friend. “Whoopsies, Chloe! Sorry about that!” she giggled, looking at her flustered friend on the ground.

“Well, I must say, that certainly was superb, Chloe. The fine selection of colors of that fabulous leotard really did it for me, I may just base my next catalogue around a rainbow-inspired theme, since it was so marvelous!” Rose said, finally getting her word in.

“Only if it’s twenty percent cooler than that dress you did for me at the Big City Gala, Rose!” Chloe retorted.

Lilly watched as Chloe had her ego stroked by her friends. She was so caught up in receiving compliments, that she failed to notice an blonde haired lady in a Wonderbolt suit walk up behind her.

“Well, Chloe!” Sasha said, catching Chloe’s attention. “Those were certainly some of the best stunts I have ever seen!”

Chloe jumped a few feet into the air and spun around, staring open-mouthed at Sasha. “Omigosh omigosh omigosh omigosh omigosh!” She gasped, before falling back to the ground, apparently unconscious.

Sasha turned toward Lilly. “Does she always do this?”


Sash facepalmed. “Any idea on how to wake her up?”

Lilly bounced over to Chloe and lowered her mouth besides the Chloe's ear. Taking a deep breath, she yelled “Sasha’s waiting to see you and she may have a crush on you!” Sure enough, the pale-faced Chloe jumped up from her faint, as the Wonderbolt captain turned away slightly, obviously embarrassed, a faint blush adorning her cheeks.

Chloe had come to her senses. She tried to look her brown haired friend, Lilly, squarely in the eye, but her gaze kept flicking over to Sasha. “Wait... What? Are you being serious, Lilly?!” Chloe asked.

“Nope! Just trying to wake you up, silly!” Lilly said, bouncing in happy circles around her friend.

“Alright, now that we got that figured out.” Sashae interjected herself into the conversation. “The other Wonderbolts and I have come to a decision. Chloe,” she cleared her throat. “Would you like to be the newest addition to the team?” Chloe fainted immediately. Sasha sighed again, before shaking her head. “Are you sure she’s alright? I’m pretty sure passing out twice within five minutes is unhealthy for anybody...”

Lilly continued bouncing around her now unconscious friend. “She’s just being Chloe! She just got what she’s wanted all her life, is all! She’ll wake up soon, and I’ll throw her a ‘Welcome to the Wonderbolts, Chloe!’ party to celebrate her achievement!”

Sasha looked Lilly in the eye. “Oh, yeah... Um, about that. Look, if she accepts... Well, she’ll be a Wonderbolt. That means she’ll have to get into the training routine, and she’ll have to learn the set performance moves, and it always takes some time for the rest of us to get used to a new gymnast. We really do have to start training right away, or it’ll mess up our show schedules,” she said apologetically.

Lilly felt her smile give way to a frown. “Oh... That’s okay, I guess,” she said slightly sadly, kicking at the ground. Then she brightened. “I guess I’ll just throw her a party after that!”

“Yeah, um... “ Sasha really looked embarrassed now. “Being a Wonderbolt is a full-time job. We don’t really get much free time, we’re always training and practicing for the next show, and we’re not going to be visiting here for another... I think it’ll be about half a year. But I’ll definitely let you take care of the party when we arrive next time!” she said, confirming this with a smile and a nod.

“Oh, a ‘Welcome back, Wonderbolts’ party! That sounds like a great idea!” Lilly replied, glaring at the blonde haired captain through slightly narrowed eyes. She somehow managed to keep sounding surprisingly cheerful.

Sasha looked down at Chloe. “Want to wake her up again for me? And, um, this time? Don’t say anything she could misinterpret...”

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