Stuck Between Two Loves (A Harry and Niall Fanfic)

Well ya see I had a dream about this so I thought I could make this a fanfic soo this story will be kinda short

What happends when Abigail Malik Zayn's sister finds out she's adopted and flies to see her brother who will she fall for? Read and find out.


4. Goodbye Cali, Hello Boston

*Abi's P.O.V* Well today is the day I goto boston. Well I'm happy very happy. Why? Because I get to meet my brother. Also because I can get away from all the haters. Lastly because I wanna start clean. Anyways well I start to pack my bags first was all my clothes. Second was all my important stuff. Well once I finish I have my brother Matthew get all my stuff in the car. Well I forgot to mention this but Michael and I broke up because he cheated. That wasn't a surprise he did it the first time we dated. Anyways well I went to the car after saying my goodbyes to everyone. We just drove to the airport in a very good silence until my brother turned on the raido. The Way by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller came on. Oh my god that is my song. I just sang untill the song was over. But once it was over we arrived at the airport. I got my bags said bye to matthew and walked inside the airport. I sat down checked my twitter. Woah! 145 Million followers. Damm and that's over night. Its kinda good being Zayn Malik's Sister. Well my flight was called and I rushed to it. I sat in my seat and lots of girls came asking for a picture. That's when some really cute boy sat next to me."Hey" was all he said. "Hey" I responded. "I'm Isaac and you are?" "I'm Abigail but you can call me Abby" "Well Abby you are really beautiful" "Isaac you are really handsome" Well Isaac and I talked for the rest of the flight. "Flight 83 to Boston has just landed thanks for using a plane as your transportation" The Flightattendent spoke. Isaac and I gave eachother our numbers and went our seprate ways once we were off the plane. At that very moment is when I said Goodbye to California and Hello to Boston. --------------Author's Note---------------- Sorry this chapter was late... umm Ill update everyday from now on ok? Thanks for reading. Like/Comment/Fave -Niall's Gurl 21
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