Stuck Between Two Loves (A Harry and Niall Fanfic)

Well ya see I had a dream about this so I thought I could make this a fanfic soo this story will be kinda short

What happends when Abigail Malik Zayn's sister finds out she's adopted and flies to see her brother who will she fall for? Read and find out.


3. Finding out the truth

Finding out the truth * Michael's P.O.V* Hey I'm michael well let me tell you about myself well here are some facts about me -Im 19 -Birthday is July 4 - Favorite color is Red - spiderman scares me.... - I have a little sister - I'm the jealous type when it comes to Lupita Well that's pretty much it bye! * Abi's P.O.V* Well I come home to my three brothers,sister, mom , dad,And Michael. That's weird what the hell? "Abbs, take a seat" My oldest brother Robert said. "Uh Ok?" I say slightly confused. I sit next to Michael. "We are here today to tell you the truth" My Mom said. "W-Whats the truth?" I say nervosly. Everyone looks at Michael. "Babe what's the truth?" * Michael's P.O.V* I breath out slowly and regret what I have to tell her " Well you see I found this out barley today too but you're adopted" "I'm adopted? To who?" Her brother Matthew speaks "The Malik Family" I hear her sister Mariah say under her breath "Lucky ass" I just start laughing * Abi's P.O.V* The Malik family? The Malik family. Wait this means all those tears were for people who really wernt my family. Ohh damm. "Question. Why are you telling me this?" My 'sister' spoke "Well because your brother The Zayn Malik wanted to see you and soo we had to tell you" wait I'm Zayn Maliks sister.... Oh Shit! That's tight. "Well when do I see him?" I ask "Tomorrow you will be going to fly to boston because that's where his band is right now and from then on you'll live with him" My Dad tells me. Wait hold up. After all this I have to leave the most important person behind. Michael.
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