Stuck Between Two Loves (A Harry and Niall Fanfic)

Well ya see I had a dream about this so I thought I could make this a fanfic soo this story will be kinda short

What happends when Abigail Malik Zayn's sister finds out she's adopted and flies to see her brother who will she fall for? Read and find out.


2. Another Morning With Michael

*Abi's P.O.V* *Beep* *Beep* Is all you hear in the morning of a school day. I step out of my warm bed and to my beautiful shelf where the picture of my babe and I kissing. Oh how I love us togeather.. well I pick out my clothes a simple look black skinnies with a blue holister shirt. I take a nice shower and once I stepp out I hear my phone beep I check it and it reads: "Hey Babe I'm on my way can't wait for our date tonight c; Love you Michael Xx" Just reading that message made me blush I start to get ready and I walk to my closet and get my white converce. Once I'm done I walk downstairs and watch tv till michael comes five minutes later......he's here. *Knock* *Knock* I jump up run to the door and open it. "Babe!!" I say happily to see him "My Love!!" He says mocking my tone We just hug for a good three minutes "Well doesn't my princess look beautiful today" I start to blush "and doesn't my prince look handsome today" We both laugh "Ready to go?" He asks "Yeah" I pick up my backpack and start walking to hid car next thing you know *bam* michael slaps my ass 'Michael!!" I say whining "Abigail" he says mocking me "Jerk" I say under my breath "I'm sorry what?" He says "Nothing just drive" I say a little pissed And with that our lives change not for the good but for the bad
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