Me and One Direction- a Zayn Malik fanfic

What happens when a amazing and upcoming superstar starts dating the one and only Zayn Malik ?
there are good times and bad times in a relationship and this is a classic example and there are lots of scary and exciting decisions
the people that have already read it say its pretty cool so I am letting the members on movellas read


11. what an amazing voice

After about an hour of lying in bed just enjoying each others company I got up and made my way to the shower.

I walked into the bathroom and gasped at what I saw, a French claw foot bath, a two person vanity with a gorgeous mirror above it and a nice and clean shower to the side. it doesn't seem much but it was seriously amazingly breath taking and its like my dream bathroom.

I turned the shower on ,really wanting a long hot bubble bath but to lazy to do so. I quickly put my phone down on the vanity turning my music on, a habit since I was about twelve and since I was already naked I hoped in the shower taking a deep relaxing breath as the hot water hits my bare skin.

As my favourite song, super bass by Nicki Minaj came on I instantly started singing away to the song knowing every single lyric of by heart and even rapping the whole song pretty well


"this one is for the boys with the booming system top down AC in the cooling system when he come up in the club he be blazing up got stacks on deck like he saving up.

And he ill he real he might got a dill he pop bottles and got the right kid of bill he cold he dope he might sell coke he lways in the air but he never coach"

and the door opens and I jump a little and Zayn comes in singing to the song and I sang with him.

Boom badoom boom boom badoom bass he got that super bass. I sand out hitting all the right notes and doing a good job. I look over to Zayn looking a me with his jaw right open.

"what?" I ask a bit irritated turning of the shower and grabbing the towl on the rack beside me.

"your voice" Zayn says still gapping at me "its incredible like the best voice I have ever heard. why are you not a super star?" he adds smiling. I smile bck realizing that one of the boys from the most famous boy band in history- practilly singing egends and sex gods said I hd and I quote' an a amzing voice' and asked why I wasn't a super star. a huge grin suddenly appers over my faceand he then looks at me.

"I have an idea" he says with a smirk plasterd across his face.

"I don't think I will like it telling by the look on your face" I chuckle and tie the towl acros the top of my breasts and walk closer to him.

'I don't care if you like it or not" he simply states with the smirk still on his face " you have like the best voice in the universe and  someone needs to know" he says sternly. I grunt knowing he wont give down and I should just go with him because it would be cool seing what a professional thinks and what harm could it do right?


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