Me and One Direction- a Zayn Malik fanfic

What happens when a amazing and upcoming superstar starts dating the one and only Zayn Malik ?
there are good times and bad times in a relationship and this is a classic example and there are lots of scary and exciting decisions
the people that have already read it say its pretty cool so I am letting the members on movellas read


12. what an amazing voice # 2

Sooooooooooooooooo sorry bout the last chapter my mum was literally grapping my computer away from me and I pushed save and publish instead of save as draft lol so I guess I will start from were I left off

love u guys xoxo


After I had changed into my clothes I wore last night we rushed back to my place and quickly got changed into something more appropriately.

As I locked the front door Tia approached me for the first time in like 3 weeks (remember how she fell and broke her legs and stuff and then I said it was all fixed so it probably is more like 3 months but uno we will just go with the flow). I Smiled and enguldged  her in a big warm hug and she hugged me back. we started talking and I totally forgot that Zayn was still in the car watching us obviously amused at how long it could take for girls to just catch eahother up from only 3 weeks. he tooted the horn and made me and tia jump. she looked at the car then back to me and then instantly clicking on who was in the car waaiting for me she slowly turned on her heels and her jaw dropped. "com'on ill introduce you to my boyfriend" her eyes poping out like 100 times the normal size .I laughed and grabbed her arm.

Zayn stepped out of the big black (I have such a dirty mind) range rover smilling and walked over to were we were. he quickly kissed the top of my head and looked at Tia who was like literally in tears.

He hugged her and wiped her tears away saying "its alright love, no need to cry" "b..b.utt you are fucking Zayn M.malik" she stuttered "a..and you goo out with my best friend" she mumbled "im sooo jealous" she added chuckling. we all laughed along with her ."yeap I do and we were just about to head out , but it was nice too meet you Tia and I guess we should all catch up so you  can meet the gys and I can meet the rest of your friends"Zayn said, the smile on his face so irresistible I couldn't help smile either.

I hugged Tia good buy and Zayn and I hopped into his car and drove off. Obviously to his manager or something. Owww exciting............


okay so very Short I know but I have been home sick all day and im just yeah idk and it has not beenedited I cbz doin it lol.

this was a shitty chappi ino but im sick and im just having major writters block at the moment so im taking ages to just write a little bit im sooooooooooooooo soory but please keep with me they wll get better I promise xoxox

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