Me and One Direction- a Zayn Malik fanfic

What happens when a amazing and upcoming superstar starts dating the one and only Zayn Malik ?
there are good times and bad times in a relationship and this is a classic example and there are lots of scary and exciting decisions
the people that have already read it say its pretty cool so I am letting the members on movellas read


14. Wait what??

 "what?" I asked half smiling and half laughing at Zayn's actions.

"You got it babe, you got a recording deal with Simon" "WHAT!!??"I yelled excitedly did he just say what I think he just said?

"Well he has to talk to a few more people and get some papers signed and checked but its pretty much a done deal"

"in one session?" I muttered shocked, very shocked to be honest.

"yeap he said you had that 'one thing' " Zayn said laughing at his own joke. "no seriously he actually said that and Vicky said she was beyond impressed and wow babe that's impressive"

"hehe thanks I cant believe it" I said walking around the room brushing my hair with my fingers I seriously just am amazed like I new I was good but this good? No way.



very well exreamely short but I cant think of any thing so expect a few or a lot of these in the future.

and thanks guys im up to 338 readers keep sharing and shit lol

And if Eden,Jess or Dayna r reading:HEYYYY GUYS I LOVE YOOUUU XXXX

please comment any of ur ideas and ull get shout outs to ya stories and a chappi dedicated  to u

BUBah<3 xxx

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