Me and One Direction- a Zayn Malik fanfic

What happens when a amazing and upcoming superstar starts dating the one and only Zayn Malik ?
there are good times and bad times in a relationship and this is a classic example and there are lots of scary and exciting decisions
the people that have already read it say its pretty cool so I am letting the members on movellas read


9. sweet sweet love xo

A/N: does get a little bit heated, but not much. and I tried to put a bit of humour in sotell me what you think pleasssseeeee xo


Chapter 5

Zayn’s P.O.V

As Sophie was dancing i couldn’t resist looking at her ass. Man she was fine. She was amazing, all i ever wanted and the way she had said what she just said was mind blowingly lustful and suductful.

As she was dancing i noticed a familiar face walking over to me.                                                                                                                                                                                       “Hayley what are you doing here” i said to one of my best friends i have had for like ever.                                                                                     She smiled at me and then looked over at Sophie                                                                                                                                                               “So you like her aye?” she said not taking her gaze off Sophie                                                                                                                                                                                        “yeah she is so amazing and – she’s just the bomb” i said chuckling at what i had just said.

Hayley and i talked for a bit while Sophie was still dancing with some chick.

Sophie then came just as Hayley was leaving.                                                                                                                                  Hayley leaned in to Sophie and whispered something in her ear. Sophie nodded and came and sat y me.

She leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was just a sloppy and playful but it was just as amazing as the first kiss we had shared and there were fireworks and my whole body was tingling when we parted and she had a big smirk on her face. It looked so weird and cute at the same time i chuckled at the sight.

“What do you want miss?” i said amused by the situation. “I want you” she whispered, biting her lip.                                          “Me?” I questioned. “Nah the chick over there” she said sarcastically, pointing to a random girl dancing.

I looked at Sophie puzzled and she lightly slapped me on the arm and said “no i want you dumb ass” she chuckled “and i want you now!!!!!” she said oh so suductful, biting her lip  again. Man that was so cute when she did that, i just loved it. Ah what did she say? She wants me oh yeah Zayn getting your ins. Wait why am i referring myself as a 3rd person?. Okay Zayn i need to stop talking to myself and talk to her and i need to stop referring myself as a 3rd person. Ahhh my life is confusing.

“you want me?” She nodded “you want me as in bed doing some amazing things?”

She laughed nervously but nodded her head slightly. I picked her up bridal style and we went down the corridor to one of the suites they have reserved for V.I.P.’s if they cant drive or in my case getting it on.

I kicked open the unlocked door and kissed her from the top of her head to her neck. She looked up at me and kissed me passionately. I kissed back and through her on the bed. Nicely of course. I crawled on top of her so my arms were at her ears, my body lingering over her’s. She then started undoing the buttons to my shirt and i could see the sexy smirk on her face when she was looking at my bare chest. That’s right i work out, i make the girls go ughhh. Okay i should stop now before i say something i shouldn’t.

After we had our little kissing, pulling each other’s clothes off we made sweet, sweet love to each other. And it wasn’t just fucking each other like i do to the other chicks i have a fling with. This time it was purely just love making, and i loved every minute of it.


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