Me and One Direction- a Zayn Malik fanfic

What happens when a amazing and upcoming superstar starts dating the one and only Zayn Malik ?
there are good times and bad times in a relationship and this is a classic example and there are lots of scary and exciting decisions
the people that have already read it say its pretty cool so I am letting the members on movellas read


15. home

wow guys, my lovelies 421 reads since my last chappi - im very happy :-D So THANK YOU xx



Zayn and I went back to my house  and had chocolates and were  now sitting on my white leather couch in my  house, well  my mums house that is.

" So are we boyfriend and girlfriend?" Zayn askes out of nowhere

"well I think so, but only  if you want to be" I answered

"hmmm yeah I want to be" Zayn said with a smile

"well in that case you are now officially  my boyfriend" I said with a big toothy grin

"and you are officially my girlfriend" Zayn said leaning forward and giving me a passionate kiss on the lips.

"im really excited about the contract  getting signed and me having  a singing career but I should tell mum sometime soon" I  said after pulling away from the kiss  "and its all thanks  to you, so thank you Zayn, you have no idea how  much  I appreciate it "  I  said giving him another peck on the lips.

"you have an amazing voice and I wanted to  do it for you " Zayn muttered and I smiled, resting my head  on his chest and falling asleep.


When I woke up  Zayn was gone  and  there was a note beside  me  on the clear coffee table .

I sat up and stretched and carefully bursting into tears as I read it for the 2ond time.


Short AGAIN - I know but im sooooooooo busy lately and  its exactly 2 in da morning here so im so tired  and I jot back from a party about 12:30 so im feeling the heavy  eyelids  approaching!

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