I Only Want Her

The Player finally falls in love. Zachary Daniels meets his perfect match at a party. Not just any party. The Seniors' end of the year party. It's. the party that always begins the last week of senior year. After this week, he may never see her again.


1. Prologue

Prologue- That Night

I joined in a circle of people. I was pretty sure that it was Spin The Bottle or something like that. All the girls stared at me as I sat down. Except for one. She didn't seem to care that I was there. It almost bothered me. No one ever had done that to me. 

I stared at her as she talked to her friends. One of them pointed at me. I knew she was talking about how I was staring a her. The one I was staring at was talking. I could tell that she was wondering who I was. I've never seen her before either. 

I got up and went to the middle. I spun the bottle and winked at a few girls to the left of me. Making sure I didn't look at her. I could already tell she was weirded out. I didn't wanna make it worse.

The bottle slowed to a stopped right in front of her. I felt blood rush to my face. She stood up and leaned up against the wall. I saw her smile as I stood up. She was beautiful. Dark skin, long black hair, and blue eyes.

I walked to her and then followed her to an empty room. I pushed her up against the wall and started kissing her. I started to smile in the kiss and she noticed. She stepped back and crossed her arms smiling.

"You look like you wanna remember me. Gimme your shirt."

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Uhm.. Why?"

"I'll be the girl that stole your shirt. Call me Shirt."

I took my shirt off and handed it to her. She nearly snatched it from me and put it in her belt loop. Her arm were wrapped around me this time as she stepped closer to kiss me. She was a really good kisser. Better than any of the other girls I've kissed. (And I've kissed a lot of girls.) 

We were close. Like close enough for her feet to be in between mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist and as I did, I felt a smile grow on her lips. 

"Do..you..wanna..get outta here?" She asked between kisses. 

"And go where?" I pulled away as I asked. 

"My apartment. Climb out the window with me."

I smiled and followed her to the window.

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