Heart Beats Harder

I hate both of my parents. They got divorced when i was three . Im fifteen now, i had to re-do nineth grade, i smoke weed, i hate my dad and his wife, my sister is annoying my brother cant find a girl....or a job, my life is a mess. Then there's that kid I can't stand.... Harry Styles.


1. Chapter 1

Makayla  POV

    I hate both of my parents. They got divorced when i was three . Im fifteen now, i had to re-do nineth grade, i smoke weed, i hate my dad and his wife, my sister is annoying my brother cant find a girl....or a job, my life is a mess. I dont now why my parents want to pput me in all theese "special camps" as they say. Im norrmal like every other 18 year old.   

   Im realy pissed off because today in school i was walking though,the courtyard , to get to my next class, and it was raining so i put my hood up and the principle yells at me and tells me to take my hood off because it a sign of gangalism. So I'm not going to stand there like a nerd and listen so I tell him to fuck off its raining then I got 3 days of detention.       

   I don't really have friends but why would I need them anyway. I'm not ugly I don't have pimples I'm skinny i have a nice body I have jet black long hair and I don't really care about guys or school. I don't known why I'm like this but I like it this way. I go to my science class and take my seat in-between Harry, the schools "hottest" boy and Louie, Harry's best friend so u can see how annoying it gets when they start talking about the girl they slept with at the party.

Harry's POV      

    Louie was absent today which made me a little lonely during Math but in science I can sit next to who I think is the hottest girl in school, Makayla. I see Zayn in the courtyard so run up to him. "hey man." I say 

"yo guess who I did on Friday" he asked smiling "who did u do this time" surprisingly he kind of got more girls than me but that's because I only go for the populars he is kind of desperate.

"Perrie" he said looking at me to see my reaction. Perrie was one of those girls who was pretty much impossible to sleep with. 

         Zayn left to go to his class and once he left it started to rain pretty hard. I went to go to my party boy Jhonny yes that's how you spell his name. Jhonny has a party every Friday so I wanted to see if I could invite some people. I started walking and saw the principle yelling at makayla because she had her hood up... What a dick. I saw some girls who had tight shirts showing their boobs and ended up staring, they were hot. I went into the science room and saw makayla on her phone. Maybe I should ask her to go to the party.

Makaylas POV  

        I was texting my cousin when I saw Harry walk into the room. God I hate that boy. He sleeps with every single girl who has large boobs and a big ass. I try to hide my stuff but somehow you can see it through a sweatshirt so I stopped trying and today had to be one of thoose days were he looked hot. I sit up and look at the clock. Class didn't start till another 5 min but the teacher always shows up late so it's going to be 15 min of awkward scilience. He moves his chair closer to me and says "hey makaykay" .... O.o. Ok 1 we never talk why are you talking to me now 2 why do your eyes need to be so beautiful and 3 makaykay really? I give him a wierd look and say

"um. Hi"

"are ou going to Jhonnys party Friday "

  "no I rather stay home instead of being near you and other dickheads." I say coldly

"ouch" he says " well maybe you can invite friends so u won't have to be near me" I look down when he said that then scoffed "I don't have friends and don't need them friends are just drama." 

"ok but wait u think I'm a dickhead" 

"ya you and your possy. the girls you sleep with are bitches and I wish u guys never existed"

"well I'm happy you exist." he said with a wink then the teacher walks in.

Harry's POV          

Damn this girl is so hot. I love it when she sassy and all. I need to find a way to make her go to the party then sleep with her. Wait how bout if I'm her first? That won't turn out well she'll think I have feelings for her... Which I don't......And I never will. Because I'm a player. I don't have girlfriends I have one night stands.

        The teacher started talking about how where doing a new project and were going to have partners we need to spend a lot of time with so I guess me and Lou where going to spend more time then usual. Then the teacher said he's choosing partners.

Makaylas POV

"I'll be choosing your partners..." shit I have to work with some idiot for like 2 weeks.

"ok so I want Lauyn with Phillip umm, Sam with Jordan, Cass with Dean" o no boy and girl partners. "Makayla I want you with.......

Harry's POV

Please be me please be me please be me... "ummm Harry" YES!!!!

Makaylas POV

"wait what" I said

"your partners with Harry" she repeated No no no no no no no! Omg Id rather spend time in a rats ass.

"I guess we will be spending a lot of time" together he said passing me a paper that has his phone number. "text me when you want to work on the project"

           The rest of class went so slow. I couldn't stop thinking about how Harry and I became partners.  "ok guys u need to be with your partner after school and you need to spend nights with them sometimes because this project is the family life project." Ms.Henry said with a smile. You see I go to a rich school so they give us apartments and stuff to make it look like we were a married couple so I was stuck with Harry in a house for like a month and a half... Great.

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