The Magic in this Magical World

Scarlett is an normal girl and she has a serious ADHD problem . Her grandfather always told her normal was not good ,but it was who they were, normal. Scarlett's parents died or did they? Her mother supposedly died of a disease and her father a car wreck. One unexpected day Scarlett finds out that she's not so normal. Her parents are gods and goddesses of Olympus. Scarlett never believed in Greek mythology but then again it's not mythology. Her mother is Hecate goddes of Magic. Her father she has no idea her new mother is keeping it from her. When she is sent to a place called Camp Half-Blood she discovers that there is war at risk. There's this prophecy about seven other demigods and its their only hope. When Scarlett wants to help she is told they already left and she cannot interfere . Scarlett wants to help badly though besides she's always been a rule breaker. In this story she discovers adventure,friends, and a secret that makes her more important than others.


2. Is This happening or am I insane

The morning of June 10 ,2013 I sleepily get up and get ready. I do the normal morning routine now-a-days, get dressed ,eat breakfast . This morning I wanted a donut I usually just eat a banana or something but not today. When I got to the bakery something startled me. 'Whats up Scar?" I turned surprised to see ................ someone I have know idea who they are but   they had their hair wrapped up and sunglasses on. Usually you would think you know the person before they basically say ," Wats up Scar." In a stockers kind of way. "Um do I know you?"   I said stupidly before I realized OF COURSE I DON'T!  "Hahaha," laughed the stocker . " Not yet but my name is Medusa most people call me Medusa." I stopped instantly I got that horrible feeling something bad was gonna happen just by hearing her name. My blood chilled and it felt like I couldn't breath or move. Medusa sensed how I felt and asked,"You okay Scar?" I was pulled back to reality and I forced myself to act normal. "Yep everything is fine." As I went to get my donut I almost tripped over my own feet and I ordered my donut like an idiot." Vanilla or strawberry?" The sales lady asked I said in reply,"Strawberry please." As soon as I ordered I felt Medusas eyes locked hard on me. Medusa what kind of name was Medusa. I thought of Greek mythology. Medusa was Posidiens girlfriend until Athena cursed her with snakes for hair. It was said that she was so ugly after she could turn people into stone by looking in their eyes directly. A hissing sound came from behind me I turned around and heard Medusa say "Crap!" I looked at her sunglasses she didn't notice me at first and I could just make out a little moving thing come out of her wrapped up hair. I instantly turned around I couldn't believe it . Was that acually Medusa Medusa the real Medusa? All I knew was the next thing that happened I was on my back with Medusa tackling me. She grabbed me and through me against the wall. Pain washed through me Medusa was attacking me I got up with effort grabbed a chair and through it at her. She growled as she was pinned to the ground. I sprinted for the exit but Medusa was to fast she caught me by the arm and through me across the room. I that that was it I would never live again . Medusa crowled on top of me and tore off her sunglasses. I closed my eyes." Your very special Scarlett Foster not like others." The last thing I remember was something bounding into the bakery and telling me everything was okay and that I would be safe. I caught a glimpse of a half horse person thing. An lady eyes full of concern and a group of at least 8 teens armed with sorwds and shields . Medusa was gone that was I could figure out. People asked if I was okay and told I was safe now. My last thought was  "WHAT THE HECK!!!" Then I blacked out.

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