im torn

a girl named bridgit moves to chesire England with her foster parents since her parents died when she was little. she goes through a lot and when she meets a certain young man she instantly falls in love with him


4. were for real?!

 Bridgit's P.O.V

 we were in the movies and a scary "POP" sound happened and I tucked my head into harry's arms. when I went to look up at the screen harry leaned down and kissed me. he then whispered

"do you want to be my girlfriend'

"uhh yeah!!"

we watched the rest of the movie and when we were about to leave we were swarmed by abunch of people and I was really lost. except the part where they were abunch of girls about our age.

"harry your back? why didn't you call me?" one said

another said " harry you said you'd call me!! and who is THAT!?"

I got really upset and looked at him with big watery eyes. I ran and ran and ran but got lost. it was about an hour later and he found me

"where were you I looked everywhere?"

I just looked at him coldly.

"why didn't you tell me you had three other girlfriends?"

"because I don't"

"then who were those girls"

he just sighed and looked at me

"they used to like me ALOT but I never felt for them and they constantly stalked me but like I said I never felt for them "

I wanted to believe him but I didn't know if I could. I had this one boyfriend in 7th grade and I loved him but he cheated on me with his "cousin" and I got so depressed I cut myself so badly I had to go to the hospital because I lost to much blood.

"do you forgive me?" he said with puppy dog eyes


what the hell maybe they were just obsessed with him. I mean look at him he's gorgeous.

****at harry's house*****

he unlocked the door and quietly put the keys down. he went into the kitchen and that's when I went upstairs to his room because I was really tired. I went into the bathroom and threw my shorts and tank top on. I crawled into his bed and layed under the comfy featherd filled blanket.

I was almost asleep when harry walked in

"you awake"

"mmhmm" that's all I could get out considering I just woke up.

"come here I gotta show you something"

I couldn't move I was to tired

"can you just pick me up I just woke up"

he looked at me and smiled

"pleaseeeeeee" I cried

he walked over to me and picked me up wedding style. he carried me downstairs and walked over to the back door made of glass

"look" he said.

I peeked over and seen a really beautiful sunrise

"wha-what time is it?"

"5 in the morning"

I just groaned. he turned around and carried me back upstairs and placed me down where I was laying. I curled up under the covers and fell asleep.








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