im torn

a girl named bridgit moves to chesire England with her foster parents since her parents died when she was little. she goes through a lot and when she meets a certain young man she instantly falls in love with him


10. trouble up ahead

 louis' P.O.V

when we got home bridgit went upstairs to go to sleep and I just sat on the couch. around like 7:30 I heard a knock on the door and figured it was harry. I opened it and een two people I hadn't recognized.


"hi is bridgit here im her foster mom. she ran away about a month ago and I cant seem to find her"

"why did you think to look here?"

"because I got a call from so boy who said she was here now if she's here tell me if not let me leave to find her. she needs to be put in a hospital she's crazy she burns herself with cigarettes."

I got really mad and flipped


"ok son, so you know her?"

"yes I know her she's my girlfriend! she's not crazy you did all that to her and blamed her for it you lunatic!"

I seen bridgits body peek out of the hall where the steps were located and her eyes grew wide and she look like she froze. I walked over to her and whispered in her ear to go back upstairs I could handle it. she listened because she ran back upstairs and into our room.

"so you have our daughter?"

"yeah she's living with me"

"well we need her back were her parents and she lives with us so hand her over"

"no you AREN'T her parents you are no where near being parents. she's living with me one because you guys are abusive and two because if you harm her you'll harm the baby"

"wow! wait a minute she's pregnant?!?"

shit probably shouldn't have said that


the man pushed past me and up the steps

Bridgit's P.O.V

after I seen it was my foster parents I froze. Louis came over to me and told me he could handle it and to go back upstairs. I ran upstairs and locked the door. after a while I heard footsteps coming upstairs and I thought it was Louis so I opened the door to see chris. I tried closing the door but, he was to strong I ran into the bedroom's bathroom and locked the door. I sat there while he was cursing at me. just like when I was 7



he cut me off

"im not your dad call me chris the only reason we got you was so you could clean and cook"

"but im seven I don't know how to cook"

'I don't care go make me noodles"

"but I don't know how"

he got up from his chair and came over to me and slapped me across the face

"do as I say or else"

so I went into the kitchen and turned on the stove but burnt my hand

"oww" I cried

"suck it up cry baby" Katie said from the living room

I forgot the stove was on and went into the bathroom to get a band aid when I heard the alarm for a fire go off

beep! beep! beep!

I heard the alarm stop and footsteps coming near me. it was chris.

"you retard" he kicked my stomach  and I fell to the floor. he started punching and kicking me til I couldn't breath. I got up and ran into my bedroom. he punched the door screaming let me in and I covered my ears to block out the sound and rocked back and fourth crying.

(present time)

I heard Louis start yelling at him to stop and to get out and they just yelled back and fourth. I grabbed the razor from the medicine cabinet and cut

"OWWWWW" I screamed as I made the fifth cut on my arm

" the psycho is at it again" chris said

" what's she at what's she doing" Louis said in a concerned voice.

Katie said "ever since she was about eleven she cut herself"

I heard Louis bang on the door and I heard sirens outside and police then I started getting dizzy and couldn't move. I was sitting in a pile of my blood and I started blacking out until finally everything went black.






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