im torn

a girl named bridgit moves to chesire England with her foster parents since her parents died when she was little. she goes through a lot and when she meets a certain young man she instantly falls in love with him


1. the runaway

bridgit's P.O.V

it was Friday afternoon and bridgit was just starting to finish her homework when her foster mom (Katie) called her down stairs. when bridgit went downstairs Katie had a cigarette in her hand and blew out a puff right in her face


"did you do the wash like I told you too?" she asked in her deep raspy voice

"I hadn't gotten around to it I've been doing my homework

" you know what that means right"

"please don't" I cried

she took the cigarette and pulled my arm. she then shoved the cigarette into my skin making me cry in pain. she pushed me away and said

"now go do the laundry before I kick your ass you big baby"

I wiped my tears away and went into the laundry room I threw the clothes in the big machine and started it. when I walked into the kitchen my foster dad (chris) and Katie talking about something I walked over to them and my foster dad put out his leg and I tripped then he 'accidently' stepped on my

"oww" I shrieked in pain

"oh grow up" said chris

"oh bridgit your going in a hospital to get help"

"what why" I said shaking

"because you burn yourself with cigarette's

I couldn't take much more of this I ran upstairs and grabbed abunch of clothes threw them in a duffle bag and ran out of the door.


it was about 10:30 at night and I was sitting on a park bench. there was someone on the other bench but I couldn't really tell his appearance. then a group of older men about in their thirties and the walked over to me

"oh look at this pretty girl" said the one man

the guy grabbed me arm and I cried out in pain because he just touched my new burn Katie gave me

"aww shes fragile" said another

then the guy sitting on the bench ran over

"leave her alone" he sounded mad

"what are you gonna do styles"

he then shoved the boy

"ill kick your ass"

the guy then moved in to punch the boy and the boy moved back then threw multiple punches. the other guy let go of me helped his friend up and left.

"are you ok" the boy asked

"yeah, thank you so much for saving me"

'no problem"

"im bridgit"

"im harry..and why are you out this late a pretty girl like you could get hurt"

"oh my foster parents abuse me so I ran away"

'do you have anywhere to stay"


he looked at me with sincere eyes

'you can stay with me"

"umm are you sure"

yes im sure"

ok thank you"


when we got to his house it was about 11:00 he unlocked the door and led me in

"my sister gemme must have just came home so you can either sleep down here or in my room"

"do you mind if I sleep in your room"

"not at all" he seemed happy I asked that. he led me upstairs and into his room he jumped on the bed. he patted the bed and I went and sat next to him

"you can sleep  RIGGGHHHTTT here"

I giggled a little


" so how old are you bridgit"

"im 17 how about you harry"

"im 18" I laughed

he looked at me "perfect' he said and we went to sleep















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