im torn

a girl named bridgit moves to chesire England with her foster parents since her parents died when she was little. she goes through a lot and when she meets a certain young man she instantly falls in love with him


3. the movies

  Harry's P.O.V

she was beautiful. i was nervous about what my mom might say considering she hasn't even met her before and i just brought her into our house. i really liked bridgit alot and i really wanted her to stay with me or be my girlfriend or something. we were going to a movie tonight and i hoped she'd be scared (because its a scary movie)  so she'd hid in my arms so i could kiss her. but i doubt she likes me i mean we did just find each other. she walked into my room wearing this white tank top and a blue see through blouse over top of it. she had on tight dark jeans and she didnt have any make up on...not that she needed it.

are you ready to go harry?"

" uh yeah"

i went to grab her hand when i seen multiple burn marks and scars all up her arm

"wha-what happened to your arm"

"oh well my foster parents they are really abusive and my foster mom katie liked to smoke and when she got angry she would push them into my arms"


"yeah umm can we just go please" 

i grabbed her hand and we got in my car and drove off 

********* skip to movies*********

we got into the movie theatre and we sat in the fourth to the front row (so everything is louder and pops out so she gets scared easier) she sat down with the big box of popcorn and watched the movie







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