im torn

a girl named bridgit moves to chesire England with her foster parents since her parents died when she was little. she goes through a lot and when she meets a certain young man she instantly falls in love with him


8. i love it

 louis' P.O.V

 bridgit looked amazing in the clothes I bought for Eleanor. right as we were about to leave she pulled out her phone and took a picture of us. I knew it was a bad idea but I didn't care. what I really worried about was that she was only 17 and I was 21. I really really liked her a lot but, she's only 17 and im not trying to get in trouble especially because harry probably wants revenge for me 'stealing' his girl. which isn't true because she came running to me, well not running to me but, you know what I mean. as we arrived I got butterflies in my stomach because my mom was really picky about girls I liked. she actually found a flaw about Eleanor I mean she is like flawless but my mom found one. I parked in a spot closest to the restaurant we were having brunch at. when we walked in I seen all my sisters and my mom I walked over to her and hugged her.

"aww lou who's this?"

"oh this is bridgit. isn't she lovely?"

"oh Louis she's beautiful"

I was really surprised she didn't find something to complain about. I directed bridgit to our seats and we ordered our brunch. after an hour of my family me and bridgit decided to leave because my sisters were stalking my date. I said my goodbye's to my family and got in my car and left.

Bridgit's P.O.V

his family was amazing. his sisters were beautiful and his mom was so kind to me. I loved his family I wish I had a family like that. we got in the car and I just smiled at him.

"what" he asked curiously

" nothing" I giggled

" did you have fun?"

"yes I love your family they're so funny and fun.. just like you"

he just blushed and started to drive. when we got home (well to his house) I ran in and jumped on the couch. his couch was so comfy. these clothes weren't thou. I got up and went in the bag he had gotten for his ex and seen if there were pj's or some comfy clothes I could rest in. I seen a pair of pajama pants that had alive carrots on them. I threw them on and a tank top. I went into the living room where he was and sat down next to him

" oh my god!!" he said really loudly

"what! what!" I asked frantically

"those are carrots" he said in his hot British accent.

I started laughing a little

" I like girls who eat carrots" he put and emphasis on like.

I giggled and leaned in a little bit close enough to where are noses touched

'I like carrots" then I backed away

he tackled me on the couch and said

"but I already like you so then that must mean..."

"must mean what Tomlinson"

"must mean I love you"

he laid on top of me and we started kissing. it wasn't like the one in front of harry. NO! it was more...Passionate. he tongue gained entrance and our tongues started dancing slowly at first then aggressively and it got heated. he slid his hands under my shirt and tried to slip it off then he stopped.

"can I?"

I just nodded eagerly and we went back to kissing and he took my shirt fully of. then he stopped again

"but like you said its rape"

"and like you said its not rape if you like it" I smirked at him and he got undressed. as well as I. after about 3 minutes of him IN me it really hurt and I started to cry.

"what's wrong"

"well this is my first time doing this and it hurts"

"I can tell he said and he got off of me and looked at the blood stain on his couch

"im sorry" I said

"it's ok that what steam cleaners are for" he put on his boxers and went into the kitchen. I put the pants and shirt I was wearing back on and got up and went to the bathroom I really had to pee.







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