im torn

a girl named bridgit moves to chesire England with her foster parents since her parents died when she was little. she goes through a lot and when she meets a certain young man she instantly falls in love with him


5. His mom

 I woke up to the feeling of harry's arms wrapped around me. and I just wanted to stay there forever. I layed there a couple more minutes before his mom walked In the room


we both jumped up and he feel of the bed.

"MOM!!! get out!!!"

she walked out and closed the door. I just looked in complete silence.

"im sorry that happened she needs to knock before entering my room"

" it's okay" I giggled.

I got up and grabbed a shirt and pair of shorts and started to get dressed

" oh your actually gonna get dressed in my room today"

"well for one then I was completely naked and two I wasn't your girlfriend" I chuckled

'well...." he looked at me then laughed

"Shut up! haha" I laughed and I remembered his mom was waiting so I quickly got dressed and walked out. she gave me a dirty look and I went downstairs and sat on the couch. I heard harry talking to his mom and I heard something that really upset me

"is she just one of those girls you bring home or is this for real!?"

"mom! are you serious I cant believe you said that! were for real"

he sounded really mad. he came downstairs and grabbed my arm.

"let's go"

we got in his car and left

**** louis' house******

we arrived at this really big house and it was AWESOME!

we went inside and I seen a really hot boy sitting on the chair and a blonde sitting in the other chair. me and harry sat on the couch. when the boy with brown hair who was hot seen me his eyes got wide.

"who's this harry? is she for me??!!" he looked really excited.

"no Louis, back off she's mine"

he looked down at his feet and did a grumpy/sad look

"but whyyyyyy?"he whined

"Louis!" harry barked

"god harry calm down I was kidding!"

it was silent until the blonde spoke up

"whats your name"

"oh.. im bridgit"

Louis said "that's a pretty name"

"thanks" I smiled a little

harry looked really pissed that Louis was paying a lot of attention to me. harry's phone started to ring and he got up to answer it. he walked into the kitchen and left me alone with two strangers.

"so how did you and harry get together" the blonde asked

right before I was about to answer Louis spoke up

"who cares niall I wanna know how me and her are gonna get together"

I just laughed and Louis got up from where he was sitting and sat next to me.

"so..." Louis said

I just looked at him

"soooo what" I said

" how are me and you gonna get together"

"were not" I laughed

harry walked back in and came over to me he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the chair Louis was sitting in and sat down but there was no room for me so I just stood, until he pulled me down and I sat on his lap.

"cold!!" Louis said

"she's my girlfriend" harry replied

"what about trisha, or Ericka, or mable? huh they were your girlfriends or are they STILL your girlfreds?!!"

I got really confu\sed and stood up

" were those the girls at the movies"

harry just looked at me "yea" he sighed

"hmmm" Louis said

"shut up Louis!!"

I walked over to the couch and sat on the far end away from Louis but he crept near me

"Louis get away from her!"

louie just sighed.

















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