I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


8. 8

Nialls POV

I finished lacing up the rest of my skate and stood up. I wobbled a little but Izabel was right next to me holding my hand. she smiled up at me and I tried smiling back. "what is Niall scared" she taunted. "of course not" I said standing up taller. she laughed and we walked carefully to the ice. she pulled her coat around her tighter. It was nice that I remembered this old pond that way we could be alone. we were by the old mill near the outskirts of town. she stepped out onto the pond and pulled me out with her. as soon as my skates hit the ice I fell flat on my butt. Iz began started laughing. I looked up at her with a pout. she tried to stop laughing. "Im sorry" she say holding back the laugh. she skated to me and helped me up. "mmhhmm" I said glearing at her. she began laughing again. I started to laugh as well. she laced her fingers in mine and we started to skate around the pond. She is really good. It makes me wonder about her old life... I let her hand go and watched her as she gave me a weird look but then kept going. she picked up her speed and gracefully skated around. I admired her beauty as she twisted in the air. wow.. she took my breath away. Im so glad I let myself realise that I liked her.

Izabels POV

the wind went through my hair as I skated around. It felt amazing it was like ive always done this. I twisted in the air and landed perfectly on the ice. I stopped and looked at Niall. I smiled at him. "what if this is what i did before my accident.?" I asked him as I skated to him. "well you could fool anyone if you ddidnt. " he leaned down and placed his lips to mine. warmth spread through me. I smiled into the kiss and he smiled back. "this has been a perfect day" I said as he put his arms around me. "are you cold?" he asked me. "not anymore" he chuckled a little then burried his face into my hair. I leaned into him soaking up his warmth.

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