I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


6. 6

Nialls POV

"Liam... Liam... come on mate let me in" I said as I pounded on his door. I literally drove over three hours just to talk to him. I didnt know what to do. I was so confused and I just need him to help me figure this out. "Liam please..." I finally heard noises from behind the door and then he unlocked it opening it a little. "Niall is that you?" he asked. I walked in "yeah..." he squinted at me trying to see through his sleep filled eyes. "what are you doing here" he looked at his clock. "its after midnight" I walked with him over to his couch and we sat down. "I dont know what to do?" I said he let out a heavy sigh. "is it Izabel?" I nodded my head. "ok tell me what happened." "well she was making tea and when she went to get a cup down it broke on her head. so I took her to the bathroom to clean her up and thats when she told me she loves me." I paused and saw the smirk playing on his lips. "well I didnt say anything I just kissed her and then left." I finished. "wait you kissed her and left without saying anything?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Niall man... come on even you know that was not the right thing to do" he said to me. I nodded my head again now I was feeling ashamed. "did you atleast tell her where you were going so she wouldnt be worried?" "um... No?" he shook his head. "Niall do you like her?" he asked me. "im drawn to her if thats what you mean?" he raised an eyebrow at me. "Niall James Horan... do   you   like   Izabel?" I sat there thinking. do i like Iz? do I like Iz? I kept asking myself that question over and over again. I dont even know I mean I love hanging out with her. and I loved it when we would hold hands but that was all in friendship. the kiss though that did feel amazing holding her in my arms. thinking about that made me think of all the nights we would lay and watch the stars. and then when she said she loved me. I looked up at Liam. "yes... yes I do. I do like her I like her a lot."  I blurted it out. a smile spread on my face. I like her, I like Izabel, I like Iz.... I kept saying it to myself. he smiled at me and pat my back. "well then you need to go tell her that. because right now she is probably worried sick and thinks that she did something wrong. " I stood up and Liam gave me a hug "go get her" he said as I walked out to the car. I drove back to my mums house. I hope shes still awake. I reached for the door knob once I got there but it already swung back. standing in front of me was Izabel but she was in her pajamas and she looked like she had been crying. "Iz?" I said as I stepped in . I reached for her but she pulled away. "Iz im sorry..." she shook her head and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "why would you leave like that. was it something I did? was it because I told you I love you? its five in the morning!" she said to me as more tears fell from her eyes. she shoved my chest. "the least you could of done was tell me if you were ok " she shoved me again "so I wouldnt think you were dead on the side of the road." she went to shove me a third time but I grabbed her wrists and pulled her into me. I held her close to me. "sshhhh...... Im fine... Im sorry..." I whispered to her. she started to cry again. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. laying her on the bed. I covered her up and went to leave. "Niall?" I heard her faint whisper. I turned around and faced her. "yes?" "would you sleep in here with me?" she asked. I came closer to the bed. ive never shared a bed with a girl before but she was upset and it killed me to see her this way. "sure" I walked over to the other side and stripped down to my boxers. I climbed under the covers and layed my head down. I felt her warmth radiating from her as she faced me. "you can hold me if you want." she said. I didnt really think about it but now that I am i would like to hold her in my arms. ugh I feel so dumb not knowing what to do. but I just wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me. she fit perfectly and she was so warm. "Niall?" I looked down at her. "yes?" "Im sorry I got upset... I just  thought I freaked you out by what I said."  I sighed. " I was scared at first. because I was so confused by what I have been feeling. Ive never really liked someone as much as I like you" I said. I saw her smile. god her smile was so cute. "oh" she looked up at me. I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. my body erupting in electricity. I smiled down at her as she nuzzled her head into my arm. I layed there until I heard her quiet breathing. wow everything was changing so much one second Im lonely member of a boyband and the next im holding this girl that ive only known for a couple weeks but I like her so much and it feels like ive known her all my llife. it scares me though to think of her real family the ones who are probably looking for her. the boyfriend trying to find her. my heart fell a little at the thought of her laying with another man. ok Niall you have her now just keep her close. I soon fell asleep.

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