I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


5. 5

Izabels POV

"would he say hes in L O V E? well if it was me then i would (i would)

would he hold you when your feeling low? baby you should know that i would (i would)" I sang as I started brewing some tea. "you sound good, dont stop" I spun around and saw Niall leaning against the door frame. "gosh Niall you scared me" i said letting out a breath. "sorry... whatcha doing?" he asked as I took the kettle off the stove. "I thought I'd make you guys some tea." I smiled at him. "you dont want any?" "nah I tried some earlier and I didnt like it." i heard him laugh which made me smile. I turned to look at him. "do you want some now?" he nodded his head "yes please". I turned around and opened the cupboard I stood on my tippy toes as I reached for one of the glass cups. I just barely reached it when one fell off and broke right on my head. I slumped to the floor holding my head. "Iz are you ok?" Niall was knelt in front of me he had his hands on my knees. "yeah I think so" I pulled my hand away and there was blood on it. "o gosh lets go clean that up." he pulled me to my feet and led me to the bathroom. "is it that bad?" I asked as I sat on the counter and he began to clean it up. he smiled at me. "not too bad just a small cut." I watched his face as he dabbed at my cut. His eyes are so blue i coundnt help but stare at them. He was so careful with his touch making sure not to hurt me. he turned around and got a bandaid. once the bandaid was on his eyes darted to mine as his hand was still on my face. "Niall..." I whispered. he was so close to me I could feel his warmth radiating towards me. he caressed my cheek while looking into my eyes. "Izabel?" "I have to tell you something." He stood there still watching me. "I-I love you" that was it I said it. I had to tell him and if he didnt feel the same well Im going to be embarrassed. I looked in his eyes. he was so hard to read.

Nialls POV

"I-I love you"

I stood frozen . she loves me? how could she love me im a mess. I dont know what I feel towards he but for some reason what I was about to do was going to mean more to her then to me. I pressed my lips to hers. her hands gripped my shirt as I had my hands at her waist. our lips moved in sync as she pressed herself closer to me. I had to admit it felt nice kissing her. she smells so good and even tastes good. I pulled away from her and she was smiling. what have I done...

Izabels POV

He pulled away from me and I smiled at him. something was not right. did I do something wrong? "Niall are you ok?" I asked trying to read his expression. he broke eye contact with me. "yeah im fine. i just realized i have to be somewhere." "oh ok." I said as he walked to the door. I jumped down from the counter. and watched as he took off towards the front door. and that was it he left no goodbye or anything. I went and sat on the couch. Im such a fool why did i have to say that. he doesnt love me. he never said it. I just dont understand why he kissed me. why did he kiss me. if he was just going to take off and not say anything he could of just left. ughh i dont understand. I went and layed down on the bed trying to go to sleep.


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