I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


4. 4

Izabels POV

its been a week since my accident and everything has been going pretty well. Niall and I were becoming really good friends, I got my sling off yesterday and it feel great to be able to move freely. sadly I still dont have any memories back but the doctor said it does take time. Everynight Niall and I have layed in his backyard watching the stars and just talking. He seemed very peaceful at night like when he freed his mind it took weight off his shoulders. I dont know exactly what that weight waas but I probably would find out sooner or later so I really didnt bother him about it. "hey Izabel Niall Im leaving for a few days. are you going to be fine without me?" I heard Maura call out though the house. I was sitting in the bed reading a book. I heard a fight yeah mom from Niall. He was probably watching futbal. "ok you two dont have to much fun without me" she called out before shutting the front door. I giggled to myself. I loved Maura she was so sweet. I went back to reading my book.

Nialls POV

I rolled my eyes as my mum left the house. My phone then started to ring. "hello?" I answered. "hey mate!" I  heard liams voice ring through my phone. "hey..." I said. "have any plans for today?" he asked. I thought to Iz in the bedroom. " um im going to be busy the whole break sorry man." "really? you busy?" "yeah" I said defensively. he laughed. "what a girl?!" he said. I got silent. "wait is it really a girl?" "its a long story Liam..." "well I have time." i walked outside and began telling liam everything thats happened in the past week. "wow... do you like her?" what is with everyone thinking I like her. "no man we are just friends." I said. "ok well when you two realize you love each other let me know. maybe we can meet her. does she know who you are?" I thought about it for a little bit. wow i never told her who I was. " um well no she doesnt." I said. "dude you need to tell her before she finds out herself." he said. "yeah I'll go do that." "k talk to you later" "bye" I hung up the phone and looked out at the street and watched as some kids across the street played. "everything ok?" I turned around to see Izabel leaning against the front door. the wind was biting at her cheeks so that they were pink. "yeah just talking to a friend. its cold lets go back in." I walked back to the house and we both went inside. I watched as she took a seat on the couch. she smiled at me. "what?" she said after a little while of us just watching each other. I walked over to her. "Iz theres something I have to tell you" he smile faded a little. "everything ok?" she asked. I sat next to her. "yeah. but you dont know something about me that i should probably tell you." she faced me more and placed her hand on mine. "im llistening" she said hesitantly. I didnt want to tell her. I guess thats one thing I liked about her was that she was my friend because of who I was not by my status. "Niall" she furrowed her brows a little. "Im from a band that is known worldwide called One Direction. Im famous. I am rich." I let it all out. she laughed. "was that all? you were scared to tell me that?" I looked her in the eyes. "you dont care?" she smiled at me and laced her fingers in mine. "I know who you are and to me you are just Niall Horan the man who saved me." I felt my stomach twist at her words. my heart beat faster. she really is something. "thank you" I smiled at her. "you have no idea how long ive waited to hear someone like me for who I really am." "you would have to be a fool to not see what an amazing guy you are. " she said.

Izabels POV

My brain was spinning I felt very lightheaded for some reason. Niall Horan, Niall Horan, it sounds familiar now. memories flooded my mind. times I had listened to his music. seen his interviews. I looked at him. "Niall" a smile appeared on my face. "yes" he smiled back. "I remember listening to your music. I remember watching your interviews. Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis?" I said his eyes got big. "yes! thats my band mates." he exclaimed. He jumped up and grabbed me pulling me into his arms. he pulled me away just enough to look at me. "do you remember anything else?" he asked. I thought hard trying to pull any more memories that I could but nothing happened. "no"  I shook my head. "thats ok we are making progress." He had a huge smile on his face. I laughed at how adorable he looked when he was happy. I had fallen for him. I love him but he doesnt know that. and I dont want him to know. he doesnt see me like that and yes it hurt but at least im still close to him as his friend. I smiled back at him. He pulled me into a hug again. 

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