I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


3. 3

Nialls POV

I sat up in bed and looked around. the light from the window suggested it was late in the morning. I got up and remembered I was going to take Izabel shopping for some clothes today. I went and took a shower then got dressed and went down stairs. as i got to the bottom of the stairs I noticed it was really quiet. "Mum! Izabel?" I shouted while walking into the kitchen. hmm not here I guess thats when I spotted a piece of paper on the table.


I decided to take Izabel shopping

didnt think you would of wanted to

shop for girl clothes. there is food in

the fridge we should be back around 4


I looked at the clock. 1:30? I slept that late? hmmph what a great way to waist a day. I grabbed some food from the fridge and sat on the couch turning on a game. after about two hours I got up and decided to clean up my mess. even though I can be messy I still didnt like my Mum having to do so much when i came home for awhile. when I finished washing my dishes and putting them up I heard the front door open. I heard girls laughing as they walked into the kitchen carrying grocery bags and clothing bags. "hi Nialler" my mum said happily I smiled at her. then looked at Izabel. "hi how are you today?" I asked her glancing at her sling. I walked over to her and took the bags from her hands and set them on the counter. "thank you, and im good. how are you?" she smiled at me. "good, well rested" i laughed. "so did you guys have fun today?" I asked. "yeah your mom was just telling me some stories form when you were little." she laughed. I blushed and looked at my mum. "oh really?" she smiled at me. "I dont get to talk about you that much niall" she said as she put the groceries up then walked out of the room. I stood there awkwardly before Izabel tried grabbing the bags. I grabbed them first. "oh no you dont. want me to take them to the room?" I asked giving her a smirk. she raised her eyebrows before responding. "well yeah i guess since you wont let me." she stuck her tongue out then smiled. I followed her to the room and helped her put them up. of course the first bag had to be her underwear. I picked up one bright pink pair. "give me that!" she snatched it from my hands and my face went red as she pushed me to the door. i started laughing. and when we reached the door she finally started laughing too. I turned to face her but I guess she was closer then i thought and since I was bending down we hit heads. "ow" we both said as we rubbed our forehead. when i caught her eye we both started laughing again. "you're a mess you know that." she said as she gave me a nudge. "so are you" I nudged her back. she smiled and stared at me. I leaned forward looking down at her lips we were so close to touching "Hey want me to order pizza?" I pulled back and looked over at my mum. luckily she hadnt noticed or at least she didnt say anything. Izabel walked past me " i would love some pizza" she said as she went to the kitchen. I started to follow but was caught by my mum. "I saw that." she said. looked at her then at Izabel and then back at my mum. "it was nothing..." she looked at me quizically "Niall it wont kill you to actually feel something for her." I looked back at Izabel watched as she got a glass of water. "like i said it was nothing" she shook her head at me then went to Izabel dialling for pizza. I stood there just watching them. I dont like her. like i said before Im just drawn to her like shes filling up the emptyness that I have. maybe her friendship is what I am missing.

"that tasted so good." Izabel said as she leaned back into the couch. I smiled at her. "Ive never met a girl who loves food almost as much as me." I laughed. she blushed "is that a bad thing?" I laughed even harder. "no not at all Iz" I like the sound of that. Iz... she gave me a small smile.

Izabels POV

I gave him a small smile. Iz ... It fits well and it sounded even better coming from his lips. his lips the lips that i had almost kissed hours ago. I think he caught me staring but I looked away. I dont know why but even though I am so lost and confused He was the only thing that made sense in my life right now. sometimes i try to remember my past but still nothing comes back to me. My mind is still so empty but I enjoyed it. when I was changing last night I found some scars and some old bruises on me. that always got me wondering what my life was like before i met Niall. who my parents were what my best friends name was. if i have a boyfriend? "Iz?" I felt someone touch my arm i looked over and saw Niall still sitting next to me. "are you ok?" he asked. "oh yeah im fine... just thinking." I said smiling at him. "about what?" he asked. "trying to remember." I looked across the room to the back porch. "oh" he said quietly next to me. I stood up and walked to the back door. His backyard is so beautiful. the garden and the big open field I could lay out there and watch the stars for hours.  I looked back at Niall and walked over to him. "come with me." I said and grabbed his hand. He stood up and followed me outside and I drug him to the field. "what are we doing?" he asked. "I dont know if I ever watched the stars before but for some reason im so fascinated with them. I layed down and looked at him. He smirked at me. I looked up at the stars and looked at each and every one of them carefully. I felt Nialls arm brush against mine as he layed down next to me. " I guess the stars give me hope... like they have always been here and so have I it makes me think that some day I might actually get my memories back." I heard a faint yeah next to me. we layed there a few more minutes. "whats it like?" he asked next to me. I looked at him then back up at the stars. I knew exactly what he was talking about. "I feel lost and empty... " I said looking back at him. He stared into my eyes. I didnt know if I wanted to say it or not but I cleared my throat. "for some reason when Im with you I dont feel that way." I said. I felt his hand lace into mine and he pulled it up in between us. "I dont know why either but I feel the same way." he said. My heart fluttered a llittle and i blushed, glad that it was dark outside. "im glad you found me" I whispered. I saw him smile. "i didnt find you, you found me."


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