I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


2. 2

Izabels POV

I sat quietly in his car while we drove through the town He lived in. "So what town are we in?" I asked looking over at him. " Mullingar." He said giving me a small smile. "ok" I looked back out the window and let my eyes follow the trees. Ever so often I'd see a cute little house among them. Soon we pulled up to a small house that sat back farther then the others. It was  white with blue shutters and a blue door. Admiring the house I didnt realize when my door swung open. Niall reached in and unbuckled me trying to be careful with my arm. I followed him with my gaze as he stood back up and held his hand out to me again. Taking it I hopped out of the car and we walked to the front door. Once we reached the front door he stopped and looked me in the eyes. "Izabel this is my mums house but for a few months Im staying here. so you will be meeting her too if thats alright?" he said as he explored my eyes probably trying to read me but sadly not even I could read myself. I nodded and he swung the door open. "Mum!" Niall called out taking his jacket off and hanging it up. "Im in the kitchen!" I heard a softer voice call out. Niall helped with my jacket then hung it up for me. I then felt his hand at the small of my back ushering me to the kitchen. The house was very cute small living room with an upstairs and then a little breakfast nook that went into the kitchen. once we made it to the kitchen I saw a cute woman with her back to us. she looked to be about my height and her blonde hair not touching her shoulders. "how was your walk? its later then I thought you..." she stopped talking as soon as she turned around and saw me standing next to her son. her face lit up before looking at Niall. "why didnt you tell me we had company Niall I look like a mess and I didnt clean the house." she smiled at me again. Niall laughed "Mum I didnt know I was having comany either. and you look great just like you always do. " she blushed. "oh Niall always being nice. Hello you can call me Maura" she wiped her hand and extended it to me. I saw her eyes trail to my sling and then back at my eyes when we shook hands. "Im -" I looked at Niall. He nodded his head a little. "um Izabel" I finished. she looked a little confused at my hesitation but then smiled at me again. "its very nice to meet you. Niall never really brings his girlfrineds home." Niall stiffened next to me as I gave a soft laugh. "mum..." he said giving her a strange look. "Hey Izabel why dont you go look around the house I will catch up with you." he said and I followed my gaze to the kitchen window. Noticing a small garden "ok" I said before heading out the back door.

Nialls POV

I waited till Izabel was out of the kitchen before I turned to face my mum. "mum really please dont say that again. we arent dating actually I just met her like five hours ago." I said. she was smiling at me then looked a little confused. "then what is she doing here." she asked. I then told her about the car wreck and how no one else was there for her. I told her about the doctor asking if she could stay with me. "and so she will be staying here for maybe the entire time Im on break." I said finishing the story. "Oh that poor girl so thats why she hesitated when she said her name. because she doesnt know her name." mum said getting teary eyed. i nodded my head. "she cant remember one thing. not why shes here not where she came from and not even her age. im hoping we can help with getting her memory back." i said. my mum wrapped her arms around me giving me a hug. "your doing the right thing hun" she kissed my cheek before going back to the dishes. "theres something about her though that i feel myself getting drawn to." I said to my mum as I leaned against the counter and watched her out the window. she was bent down and smelling the flowers. "maybe you'll figure it out as you get to know her. you will be spending a lot of time with her." she winked at me. "mum I dont like her im just drawn to her." I said looking at her again. this time she was standing next to the fence looking up at the trees. I watched as her brown hair flowed in the wind the moon cascaded across her face as she smiled closing her eyes. I snapped back to reality when i noticed my mums hand waving in front of my face. she gave me a smirk then went to her room shutting the door. I walked outside and neared Izabel she still had her eyes closed but this time she was laying in the grass. I layed down next to her. "dont you just love the smell and the feel of the air right now?" she asked. I smelled and tried to feel wht she was feeling but nothing happened. "I cant smell anything." I stated. she opened her eyes and looked at me. "close your eyes and just forget about everything. I think thats why I am able to tell all these things. because my mind is so empty." I watched as she looked up again and closed her eyes. I closed my eyes and tried clearing my head. which was pretty hard since my wasnt empty like hers. after a minute or so I started to feel my mind clearing and I started to smell things ive never smelt before. and then the breeze started to hit my cheeks and my hands and even though it was cold It felt amazing. I smiled at how at peace I was when I heard a small voice next to me. "what month is this?" I opened my eyes and looked at Izabel "its october." she smiled "thank you" "for what?" I asked. "for everything. for taking me in and for answering my questions even though I have a lot." she said. "oh yeah no problem." I said. I didnt even think about all the questions she was asking me I just wanted her to remember it didnt bother me at all. I sat up and stood to my feet. I reached down and helped her up trying not to bump her arm. once she was up I didnt quite let go and she looked at me. we stood there staring at each other until I looked away and took a few steps back. "sorry" I whispered. "you're fine." she smiled at me before walking towards the house. "so where will I be staying?" she asked. "um you can stay in our guest bedroom its not very big but its something." she followed me to the room and I went and got her a t shirt and sweat pants of mine. "sorry I dont have a sister so you'll just have to wear my clothes for the time being. tomorrow we can go buy you some." I handed her the clothes she went into the bathroom closing the door. I grabbed some blankets and pillows from the closet and walked back to the bed. I passed the bathroom door and it was slightly open. thats when I noticed her back was to me and she had already taken off her shirt her hair layed perfectly on her bare back. I turned away fast and went back to the bed. why did i have to see that. I tried getting the memory out of my mind but I just kept thinking about how beautiful she was. you dont like her Niall you dont like her. I kept saying under my breath. "what?" I heard Izabels voice ask from behind me. I turned around happy to see she was clothed. wait why would she not be clothed. I shook the thought from my head. "I was just talking to myself. was all" I said smiling at her. "I hope you sleep well. " I walked past her and shut her door slightly. "thank you" she called out. I made my way to my room and flopped on my bed. kicking my shoes off and taking my shirt off I got under the covers and tried to fall asleep.

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