I'll Never Forget You ~on hold~

You found me and you saved me. I was lost and you showed me the way. I want you to always remember I'll never forget you.


1. 1

Nialls POV

I rested my head on the back of the park bench. staring up at the october sky, smelling the scent of baked goods from down the street. The colors on the trees had already changed but in some spots you could still make out green. I closed my eyes and thought back to the wonderful time I had on tour with the guys. Even though I love being on tour it was always nice to come back to my home town and enjoy time with family. I still always feel empty inside though... I picked my head back up and watched as the sky started getting darker like a blanket covering the sun. out of the corner of my eye I saw a girl walking down the street. but something was off she held her jacket closer to her and wasnt really watching where she was going. she looked lost in thought. I couldnt take my eyes off her though. her light brown hair falling around her face and stopping right below her shoulders. the way she carried herself as if the weight of many sorrows lay upon her shoulder. As she rounded the corner about to walk across the street I noticed she wasnt looking both ways like your supposed to do, and then everything happened so fast I dont even remember running towards her. coming near her body laying on the ground after the car had hit her. I crouched down to her and felt for a pulse. thump, thump, thump. thank god she was still alive. "oh my god, is she alright? I didnt even see her coming" the woman who was driving the car started speaking to me but I ignored her. "call the ambulance" was all I said before she turned and dialed the number. The girl she looked about 18 or 19 started to stir. her eyes opened and she stared at me but she looked confused. she is really pretty I thought to myself her hazel eyes kept staring at me. but then she started to look in pain as she was closing her eyes again. "no, dont go to sleep, you need to stay awake" I said touching my cold hands to her cheeks so that she was looking at me again. she looked at me and i felt like she was staring into my soul, her eyelids dropped again and I knew she couldnt stay awake but by that time the ambulance had gotten there. I watched as they lifted her up and put her into the ambulance. "are you coming?" the peramedic asked me. I stood there for a second. I dont know her but for some reason I was drawn to her. I didnt want to leave her and no one else was here. I nodded my head and jumped in. looking at her the whole time as they did what they had to do and she lay there looking like she was asleep.

"Mr. Horan?" I turned to face an older man maybe about late fifties he had black hair that was peppered with gray. he was tall and towered over me. "yes?" i said looking up at him. "she is ready... but i must ask do you know who she is?" he asked as we walked down the hallway to her room. "no sir I dont" I replied. I heard him sigh before going into the room and I followed. walking in she was sitting up with her arm in a sling. a few scratches on her head but other then that fine. she looked at me confused again. "hi" I said walking a litttle closer. I looked back at the doctor. his brow was furrowed. "Mr. Horan I am sorry to say that she has lost all her memory." what all her memory she doesnt know anything? I thought to myself. "she doesnt know her name or how old she is. she cant remember where she is from but I would guess America judging by her accent." I looked at her and she stared at her hands. "I am just guessing that her name is Izabel because she wears a necklace with that on it." I looked and sure enough the necklace lay on her chest. she eyed me with a weary expression. "Im Niall" I said and extended my hand. she shook it a little nervous at first. "Hello I guess Im Izabel" she said. her accent deffinitely was american. but that doesnt explain why she is here in Ireland. where are her family or friends or even boyfriend she is deffinitely pretty enough for a boyfriend. "Mr. Horan?" I looked back to the doctor. "yes?" I asked. "I know that you have a lot on your plate and this is your time off but would you mind taking her in atleast until we find out more about her?" he asked me. I thought about it for a second and looked back at her. she still had a confused look, I felt so bad for her how lost and scared and confused she must be. "yeah she can stay with me. that is if you want to?" I directed the last part to Izabel.

Izabels POV

I stared back at the beautiful guy standing in front of me. His peircing blue eyes seemed to be looking straight through me. Niall thats what he said his name was, I feel so confused and so lost they told me my name was Izabel well they think because of my necklace. so I went with it even though it didnt sound right. I looked at the doctor then at Niall "yes thats fine." I said. giving a slight nod with my head. I dont know what I was doing or where I was I think ireland because of the accents. they said I was american so why am I here. I guess I will just have to figure that out. I thought to myself as I reached for Nialls hand, he offered, with my good arm.

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