the little kid book

its a twist on a kids book i use to read


1. in the savanna

In the savanna a zebra named Penty was laying on a bed of dry grass. as she wakes she see's her friend James the ox, she jumps up to go play with him but her mum wakes and says "Penty please go back to sleep it really early" "oh, um, OK ma ill go to sleep" "good girl Penty". while Penty's mother is asleep Penty gets up quietly to go see James"hi James" she says quietly "oh hi Penty" he bellows "how are you?"

"i'm good but could you be a bit quieter please?"

"uh OK why?"

"because mum and dad are still asleep and i'm not ment to be here"

"um sure but we should go somewhere we can be louder"

"but i don't want to get lost"

"its OK i know this place like the back of my hoof."

"oh, OK, sure i guess"

"great lets go" James said loudly

"shhhhh, mum"

"oh yea"

as they were leaving Penty looks back to see her mum, dad and sister laying quietly, she sighs and runs to catch up with James. they stop in a clear plain with nothing but a single tree in the middle.

"this looks good" James says panting

"it does" Penty agrees with a nod

they played games and ran around yelling and chasing each other.

"your it" Penty chants 

James laughes "no now you are" he says

"i'm gunna get you" Penty yells

"can i play?" a strange voice asks

"sure, i'm Penty and this is James"

"hi i'm Luke" the small lion says

"anyways, your it" Penty laughs

but Luke didn't intend on playing chases. he sinks his teeth into Pentys neck as blood spurts everywhere James screams but they were to far away to be heard, Lukes dad calls "out good one Luke, now ill get the ox" Lukes dad gets the ox's stomach after a torturous ending Luke and his dad called over the pack and started feasting.

and no-one saw Penty or James ever again.


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