Army of Two<3 Sequel of Met by Desperation

Annabell has to grow up at a age of 15 as her Dad Niall is in a coma. She has to watch her mom suffer as her husband is in the hospital. But Anna has other problems too. Anna isn't the popular girl but she isn't the outcast. Her and her best friends Jayla (Daughter of Zayn and Perrie), Amy( Daughter Liam and Danielle), Michael( Son of Louis and Eleanor),and Darcy( Daughter of Heather and Harry) are there to support her mom, as well as Anna with what she's going through. But what happens when Niall wakes up on Anna's 16th birthday? What happens when her parents find out about her secrets? Can she handle all of this? *Sequel to Met by Desperation*


6. Yes


                                                                                  Chapter 5.

 It's been three years since Jayla and I have dated, earlier she texted me and told me to be ready at our house. Amy was going to pick me up, So I'm in her car blindfolded. "Just tell me where we're going.", I said."Anna I can't  and besides we're here.", she said. I took my blindfold off, "Where at the Drama Stadium?", I asked. "Just follow the gummy bears.", she said. Before I could say anything she drove off. I followed the gummy bears they were red. My favorite, I went inside and the stopped. It was really dark, besides the path being lit. I started to follow it, "Anna my love, my life, my everything. I remember when we first met and I couldn't take my eyes off you. That's my best friend I thought later did i come to find out. That's my girlfriend.", she paused.

  We've been through a lot of hate, no doubt about it. But we stayed together like super glue. I remember the day you got us matching promise rings. I remember our first time. I remember everything. I especially remember you going up to Ashley and telling her to get over you because you were mine. That was the best day of my life. I remember the only time we broke up, I walked in on Ashley kissing you. But she forced you into it. I also remember beating her ass for it too.", she laughed.

I giggled at the memory,"But I want to remember you forever because I love you.", she said. The all the lights went out.

                                                                 Jayla's P.O.V

 I ran down the steps and stood by the question mark. i pushed the button and saw all the letters Light up. One-by-One, then the light on me as I opened the box. "Anna will you do me the honor of being my wife?", I asked. Please say yes, please please please plea-. "Yes!", she said. She started to run down the aisle as she screamed. "Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.", she said. She ran up to me and i picked her up. "I love you.", i said. "I love you too boo.", she said. I set her down and put the ring on her finger. Everybody came in screaming. I hooked up a microphone so they could hear everything. She just smiled and kissed me.

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