Army of Two<3 Sequel of Met by Desperation

Annabell has to grow up at a age of 15 as her Dad Niall is in a coma. She has to watch her mom suffer as her husband is in the hospital. But Anna has other problems too. Anna isn't the popular girl but she isn't the outcast. Her and her best friends Jayla (Daughter of Zayn and Perrie), Amy( Daughter Liam and Danielle), Michael( Son of Louis and Eleanor),and Darcy( Daughter of Heather and Harry) are there to support her mom, as well as Anna with what she's going through. But what happens when Niall wakes up on Anna's 16th birthday? What happens when her parents find out about her secrets? Can she handle all of this? *Sequel to Met by Desperation*


5. The talk.


                                                                  Chapter 4

  So Jayla and I have decided to talk to all of our parents today, actually she was on her to my house right now. She texted me and told me that they were here, i told her to come up to my room. I was really nervous and I wanted to back out, this was so stressful. "Babe why are crying?", she said. I didn't hear her come in nor notice I was crying. "What if they hate us? What they don't accept us? we're only 16 Jayla.", I said. She hugged me, "I know for a fact your parents will accept us, if it comes down to where mine don't. Then they don't have to, I have you. Everything will be alright babe, I promise. Amy texted me, her and darcy told their parents. All of them were okay with it besides aunt Heather. She didn't like it, but she said she still loves Darcy no matter what.", she said.

We walked down stairs hand-in-hand, we dropped them before our parents could see. "Daddy, Mom. Uncle Zayn, Aunt Perrie. We have something we need to tell you, but we don't want you to say anything until we're done.", I said.I knew my mom caught on by the way she looked at me. She just smiled, my mom could read me like and open book. "Well go right on homey.", she said. She sneakily winked at me. I giggled to myself,"Well okay so for our whole life Anna and I have been best friends. And we have never got in a fight, for a while now I've been getting strange feelings around her. And I'm in love with her, so I told her about a month ago.", she said.She std I continued, "I told her I didn't know how I felt. I know for a fact I'm not attracted to girls. But I like Jayla too, so we're dating and we wanted to tell you because we love you. And we hope you accept us.", I said.

                                                                          Alexis's P.O.V

  i knew exactly what she was about to say, I knew her too well. I'm happy for her, I'm not against it. There was once a time I was in love with a girl. Two actually, but I don't like girls it was just them. As she was talking I could tell she was really just talking to Niall. I looked at him, he didn't look upset. Actually he looked happy, that's my Nialler I met. It's hard to believe I met him over the internet. I'm glad I didn't give up, I have him a beautiful daughter. Anna stopped talking and Jayla grabbed her hand. She was about to cry, "Please say something.", she asked. "I'm happy for you honey, if you guys love eachother then so be it.", I said. I got up and hugged both of them. I kissed Anna on the forehead, "Daddy, please don't be mad.", she said.

                                                                        Niall's P.O.V

  My daughter loved this girl, and she thought i hated her. I was so happy for her, I didn't care about who she loved. She's my baby girl, but I'm worried about zayn and perrie. I looked at them, they were in deep thought. "Well  I'm happy for you and I'm not against it. I'm totally for it, Love is love.", I said. She just smiled and I got up and hugged her.

                                                                           Jayla's P.O.V

  Okay her parents are okay, I'm so happy for her. I looked at my parents, they didn't look mad. But they didn't look pleased. "So do you hate me now? Wish you never had me? Come on tell me how you feel.", I said. I was mad, how dare they just sit there making me feel like that. SO what? I like a girl. No i LOVE a girl, how does that change who I am? It doesn't, "Baby we could never hate you. And I love you to pieces, I would never take you out the world if I had a chance. You're my little girl and we love you. It's just a bit of a shock, but I should have known when you dressed up as Jessie from Full House.", my mom said. I chuckled so did she. I looked at my dad, "I feel the same as your mom but if your happy so am I.", he said

                                                                               Anna's P.O.V

  I squealed with excitement, I picked Jayla up and spun her around. "I love you so much.", i said. "I love you too boo.", she said. We kissed eachother and pulled apart and smiled at our parents. "Well what are you waiting for? Let's call the others and invite them to dinner. We can tell them whats going on. Just like old times.", my dad said. He smiled at my mom and kissed her. "Uhhmm excuse me, I did not sign up to watch you guys get it on.", I said at my parents. They laughed and pulled apart, my mom picked up a couch pillow and threw it at me. "Bring it on Old Lady!", I said. She gasped," That's it, you're going down young lady.", she said. We laughed and all started throwing pillows. It was a good Night.

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