Army of Two<3 Sequel of Met by Desperation

Annabell has to grow up at a age of 15 as her Dad Niall is in a coma. She has to watch her mom suffer as her husband is in the hospital. But Anna has other problems too. Anna isn't the popular girl but she isn't the outcast. Her and her best friends Jayla (Daughter of Zayn and Perrie), Amy( Daughter Liam and Danielle), Michael( Son of Louis and Eleanor),and Darcy( Daughter of Heather and Harry) are there to support her mom, as well as Anna with what she's going through. But what happens when Niall wakes up on Anna's 16th birthday? What happens when her parents find out about her secrets? Can she handle all of this? *Sequel to Met by Desperation*


7. Happily Ever After


                                                                       Chapter 6.

  I woke up in bed with Jayla slung across me, "Morning Wife.", she said. "Morning Wife.", I said. "That was an awesome honeymoon don't you think.", she asked me as she played in my hair. "Yeah it was but we need to go. I have something for you.", i said. "Can't we just do it here.", she said. "No we can't get up.", i said. She got up and walked to the bathroom, i just smiled to myself.

  About three hour later I dropped Jayla off at the house. she wanted to come but I told her it was a suprise. I drove to the adoption clinic, and went in. "Mrs. Horan, she's ready to see you. i smiled and went in the room, there was a lady holding a pink bundle. She handed her over to me, I looked at the baby and smiled. She had big Hazel eyes like Jayla and Dark curly hair like me. "Hi! I'm your new mommy and you have another one waiting for you at home.", I said to her. She just gripped to my finger.

   "So what are you gonna name her?", the nurse asked. i thought about this, I though it was cute. I put Jayla's mom'm name. And my mom's name together. " Alerris", I said. She smiled and made the Birth certificate.

                                            Name:  Alerris Janae Horan

                                            D.O.B:   6/5/31

                                            Parents: Annabell Elizabeth Horan; Jayla Ann Malik

                                                          Welcome to the world Little One.

I drove home and took Alerris out the car, I held while I unlocked the door. Jayla didn't hear me come in, I snuck up behind her and kissed her on the cheek. "I have your surprise close your eyes and count to 5, them turn around.", i whispered. She giggled and started couting, I turned Alerris so Jay could see her. "5", she said. She turned around and gasped, "You didn't.", she said. "I did.", I said. "You kidnapped a baby!", she said. I knew she was joking but I rolled my eyes. "I got her at the adoption center. Her name is our mom's names put together. Her name is Alerris Janae Horan and she's our baby Jay. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Can I hold her?", she asked. "Of course she's your daughter.", I said.she laughed and ran up to me. I gave her the baby. "Hey baby!", she said. I giggled she looked at me. "Have I told you I loved you?", she said. "Yes, yes you have.", I said. She kissed me, "Well I love you so much.", she said.


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