Army of Two<3 Sequel of Met by Desperation

Annabell has to grow up at a age of 15 as her Dad Niall is in a coma. She has to watch her mom suffer as her husband is in the hospital. But Anna has other problems too. Anna isn't the popular girl but she isn't the outcast. Her and her best friends Jayla (Daughter of Zayn and Perrie), Amy( Daughter Liam and Danielle), Michael( Son of Louis and Eleanor),and Darcy( Daughter of Heather and Harry) are there to support her mom, as well as Anna with what she's going through. But what happens when Niall wakes up on Anna's 16th birthday? What happens when her parents find out about her secrets? Can she handle all of this? *Sequel to Met by Desperation*


1. Enemies


                                                                                            Chapter 1.

  My birthday is in a month, not my 13th, 14th or 15th. Not the biggest day of my life, my 16th birthday. And you wanna know the best part, my dad is still in a coma. A tear silently slipped down my cheek. "Anna what's wrong?", my mom asked. "He was supposed to wake up a year ago mom, my birthday is in a month. In two years I'll be out of school. He's missed alot, me getting my period, my boobs, everything.",I said. My mom chuckled then turned serious, "I'm sure dad would have not been able to handle that anyway. But I know Anna, just pray that he'll wake up. Everything will be okay, Jayla should be here in a bit why don't you go get coffee yeah?",she said. Jayla was one of my best friends, along with Michael, Amy, and Darcy. Out of all of them, Jayla and I had more of a connection. It was really weird, ever since her birthday party things have been awkward. We all played truth or dare and we got dared to kiss. It wasn't a snog, just a peck. It was really weird though, she's my best GIRL friend. Shouldn't I be disgusted? Well I'm not, my family and I are supporters of the gay community. Love is love, and if anyone doesn't like it then they're just ignorant. There's nothing wrong with two guy's and two girl's. But anyway, I don't feel that way for her. She's my best friend nothing more, nothing less.

  I went to the cafeteria and got a bagel and a latte, as I sat down I got my phone out and went through my twitter feed. "What's up slut?", said jayla. "Nothing much whore!", I said. We both laughed, we had a weird friendship we could insult eachother and just go at it but not seriously. Out of all of us she was the prettiest, she had long straight light brown hair. Hazel eyes and a light tan. She was skinny and she was really girly but with a jock side. She loved bows and skirts and she'd wear a varsity jacket all the time. "So any progress with Uncle Niall yet?", she said. I took a drink, "Nope", I said popping the 'p'. "Sorry love, but we were all gonna go to my house for the night you in?", she asked. "Yeah, speaking of which where is the clique at?", I asked. She rolled her eyes and gave me the look, " The mall", we both said. I don't know why I asked, they're always there. They don't even buy things most of the time, they just chill in the food court. We all go there so much the workers gave us the WiFi password.

  We walked to the mall and met up with everybody. I loved michael as a brother but he had a small crush on me, and I didn't return it. He knew, but that didn't change the fact he liked me. But he wasn't creepy about it. It's not that he wasn't attractive he was. He was a football player, he had brown hair that was always in a fohawk. He dressed like the usual jock and he was fit. He had the mesmerizing deep blue eyes. If we weren't so close I'd date him. Amy on the other had was more a girly/nerdy chick. She liked the Big cute glasses, suspenders, waist high skirt and button up shirt. She'd wear a cute bright bow-tie or something. She could pull it off. Then there was darcy, I can't even explain her. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat. She had curves. In other words she was kinda skinny but she had a butt. She had dirty blonde hair which she bleached all the time. She was kinda always wearing the name brand stuff. Mostly Holister, she was the typical blonde. Then there was me, I was the chubby one of the group. I wore jeans all the time, colorful shirts, a light jacket, and , my DC's. I had Dark brown thick curly hair. Which I wither threw it up with a headband. Or I'd straighten it every day, maybe a bow every now and then. All the girls wore  earrings. I had 14 gauges since that's as big as mom would let me get. "Hey guys!", i said. We all said Hi and sat down at our usual table.

Then Ashley came in, great. Ashley hated me. Only I knew why, Ashley is a closet lesbo and refuses  to come out. About a couple years ago when we were friends she tried to hit on me. And I kindly denied her, but she hated me. She's in love with me but she's hurt. And I understand, but she tries to make my life living hell. "Ash is here let's go before things get bad.", Jayla said. Jayla seemed nice but she was a fighter she didn't let no one mess with me. We all got up, "Hey! Oh- I forgot your name what is it? Oh yeah I remember. Trash.", Ash said. Her little group snickered behind her, I glared at them and they shut up. "Why don't you mind your business and leave her alone Ash.", Michael said. She growled at him, "See you later Fatty.",she said. I looked down, she knew about my problems and she used it as my low blow. She made a gagging sound and walked past me. "Come on let's just go.", I said.

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