Army of Two<3 Sequel of Met by Desperation

Annabell has to grow up at a age of 15 as her Dad Niall is in a coma. She has to watch her mom suffer as her husband is in the hospital. But Anna has other problems too. Anna isn't the popular girl but she isn't the outcast. Her and her best friends Jayla (Daughter of Zayn and Perrie), Amy( Daughter Liam and Danielle), Michael( Son of Louis and Eleanor),and Darcy( Daughter of Heather and Harry) are there to support her mom, as well as Anna with what she's going through. But what happens when Niall wakes up on Anna's 16th birthday? What happens when her parents find out about her secrets? Can she handle all of this? *Sequel to Met by Desperation*


2. Birthday!(:


                                                                                                    Chapter 2.

  We went to Jayla's house, I didn't bring anything because I already have clothes there. It's like my second home. Since Michael can't spend the night note he's a guy, he went home. That's how it always it, only on special events does he spend the night. And when that happens it's on the couch upstairs. Jayla's room is in the basement. Gross right? Not really her parents decked it out for her and it looks really good. You go down the spiral steps which are pink, Hot pink. Then you see a King sized but next to the wall on the right. Then on the left of the room there's a big closet thing sticking out of the wall. When you open the doors it's a king size bed. Jayla and I sleep together in that bed, Amy and darcy sleep in the other bed.  Then you see a big flat screen tv on her wall and a black couch. Then at the other end of the room there's a walk in closet. With her and my clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Then there's a bathroom, then you open the back glass doors and goes into their yard. Yeah, she's pretty lucky. That's why we all come here, they have a really big house. I changed into my tankini and went outside for a swim. The other girls put on their bikinis and followed after me.

                                                                                                 Alexis's P.O.V

  I was at home with Heather, we were in the living room. "I can't beleive we have kids.", she said. "Tell me about it, atleast yours got to grow up with her father. I feel so bad for Anna, she misses him so much. She's been so distant, I wish that plan would have never crashed. Do you realize besides Niall and I, there was only 10 people who lived. Out of about 100, and Niall was got the worst out of us 12 people. He may not even wake up for her 16th birthday.", I said. i was getting frustrated, I pulled out my cigarettes and lit one. i only started smoking about a year ago. It was gross but when I get upset I smoke. It makes me feel better, I'll stop when Niall wakes up. It's not an addiction. I have a couple like a month, but Niall would hate it. "Alexis I know it's hard, but you've been through so much. Don't give up, not for you or Niall, but for your daughter.", she said. She was right, my baby was about to turn16. God I hope he wakes up.

                                                                                                          Anna's P.O.V

  I woke up next to Jayla, the other girls were probably gone. They usually are since we like to sleep until 2 in the afternoon. I looked at me best friend, she was so pretty. Her eyes started to flutter and she looked at me, "Stare much", she said. I knew she was joking by her smirk. " No I stare alot. Only at beautiful creature though.", i said. "I don't know whether to take that a s a compliment or not. You said creature.", she said. She was clearly confused, it was cute. Cute? What the-? "However you take it. Your my beautiful creature.", I said. She looked at me, then my lips. She leaned closer and closer. One. Last. Gap. "We should go eat, your stomach is talking.",she said. I nodded, "Go ahead and make food, I'm gonna change.", I said. She got up and walked up the steps. I don't know what just happened, but I thought she was gonna kiss me. And I wasn't gonna stop her. What's going on with me. I needed to clear my head, i went outside and sat by the pool. "Get it together Anna.", I said.

                                                                                                       Jayla's P.O.V

  I leaned closer and closer, all i had to do was- her stomach growled. "We should go eat, your stomach is talking.",I said. She nodded, "Go ahead and make food, I'm gonna change.", she said. I got up and walked up the steps. I don't know what just happened, but I was gonna kiss her. And it didn't look like she was gonna stop me. What's going on with us?. I need to talk to her. I looked out the window and saw her walk outside. I ran downstairs and quietly opened the door and walked behind her. "Get it together Anna.", she said. "Get what together?", i asked. She looked at me teary eyed, "I don't know you tell me!", she said. Why was she raising her voice? "Well you do you have to say? What was that back there? Were you gonna kiss me?! It sure as hell looked like it.", she said. She sounded hurt and confused, not angry. "I don't no Anna! But you sure wasn't gonna back away?! What's going on with us? We're best friends! and ever sonce we kissed anI got this stupid crush-.", I cut myself off. "A what?",she said. She got up and walked to me, we were face to face. "No-Nothing.", I stuttered.

                                                                                           Anna's P.O.V

  Did she just say what I thought? She couldn't possibly. Could she? "I heard you Jay. I'm just a stupid crush?", I asked. i was really hurt by that. I don't know why, yes I had a small crush on her but? "Anna look at me!", she said. i looked up," I don't know whats going on. I really don't, but I know for a fact I don't like girls. But you, I do, I don't know why, i just do. Please don't hate me. You're my best friend, I can't live without you.", she said. Hate her? "Jay I could never hate you. But I don't know how I feel. Just give me some time okay?", I said. She shook her head yes, I pulled her close to me and kissed her head. I'm so confused.

                                                                                               * A month later*

  I woke up to nobody singing to me. That was sad, that happened every year, I got a shower and stuff. I went downstairs to not see my mom. Okay did everybody forget? I found a note on the counter saying she's at the hospital and to come as soon as I wake up. Then she said P.S look on the table, I looked at the table and there was a little box. I picked it up and opened it. No way! Car keys! I ran out the house and locked it. I ran to the drive way, she got me a car! I pulled my phone out and told her I was on my way with me car. I said thanks and shoved my phone in my pocket and got in my car. I stopped by starbucks and got me, mom, and Jay a Latte. Speaking of which, things have been okay between us. i like her, but I can't tell her. It has to be special, we're gonna have to talk to our parents about us. Parents...... my dad isn't up. i got teary eyed but blinked them away. I miss him, i just wanna hear him say my name. Atleast he's not dead, he's just asleep.

I pulled up to the hospital and met Jay in the cafeteria like usual. "Hey Jay! I got your fav.", I said She smiled and hugged me. We pulled back and started walking to the room. I grabbed each other's hand and linked fingers. We've been holding hands and it seems so right but we aren't together. "You'll never guess what I found in the drivewayyyy.", I said. She looked at me, "No way! You got a car!", she said. Due to her bad driving skills she doesn't have one at the moment. She got it taken away since she got a ticket. We reached the door, "Before you go in there, I want you to give me the coffee.", she said. I looked at her confused. i took my hand away from here so no one would see and handed her the coffee. I opened the door and literally stopped breathing.

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