Won't Say Goodbye Again

Abby Soper is like all normal 19 year olds. She has two amazing best friends, Claire Moore and Brooke Tribble. She has a small apartment, which she shares with Claire. Brooke has no job so she can't afford to stay with us. And like all Teenagers, she has a past. A past that contains Harry Styles. when Abby was little she had a neighbor, Harry Styles, and they became close. really close. like siblings. one day when Abby was going to tell Harry about her feelings about him, he moved, Abby was heart broken that Harry didn't even tell her and they never saw eachother again...till this day


6. The Date(s)

Abby's POV:

I felt how awkward it was for Brooke and Niall. They will be fine. Just like Claire and Liam, they will fall in love. I looked over at Harry and already found him staring at me. "what?" I laughed "nothing. your just so...beautiful!" Harry said giving me a cheeky, dimpled smile. i blushed and smiled back at him. "and you're so...cheesy" I said jokingly  hitting him in the arm. "Hey you know you love it, you always have" he looked straight into my eyes. "Maybe I'm just a really good actress" i said rolling my eyes "no you're a really good singer...you're a terrible actress" Harry said laughing "hey!" i said nudging his arm with my elbow

"well, anyways where will we be going on this lovely night" i said all cheesy like. "well i thought maybe we can go have a picnic under the star" Harry said. I loved the way he chose old fashioned dates. i wondered how it would be for Niall and Brooke. Awkward? Lovely? I'm not sure but I really hope they at least enjoy each other. Just hopefully

Liam's POV:

"So Claire how was your day?" I asked "erm...It was ok, I mean I uh...have had better days" she sighed "Claire are you ok? Something troubling you love?" I was concerned "um...I'll tell you later when you take me home" Claire's eyes almost filled with tears. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into a big embrace. I hugged her as if I would never see her again. Seeing her like this broke my heart. I pulled her out of the tight hug and found her crying with her make up running down her face. I pulled my thumb to her face and wiped her tears.

I led Claire to the girls bathroom, knowing she wouldn't want to go into the boys restroom. I found tissues on the counter and wiped her running makeup. "Claire? What's going on?" I asked while my voice cracking. "Liam...I-I'm going to miss you s-so much!" she laid her head on my shoulder. "Claire what are you talking about?" i stared into her tear filled eyes "I...I'm" she started to walk away when i grabbed her arm. I waited for her answer "I''m moving to Kentucky...in the US Liam" her voice trembled i could barley recognize it. "what?! No y-you can't Claire...I-I just became your boyfriend and we have been spending every minute with each other since...and I really do love you Claire" it slipped out, even though I meant every word. Claire's eyes shot up staring into mine. Her trembling lips curled up into a slight smile. But a real one. 

"Liam...I never thought I would say this, but I love you too." with that I kissed her. Claire was still crying but now it was half tears of joy and half sadness. "Claire why can't you just stay with Abby. You're are living with her already" I asked "My dad got transferred there and I can't live that far from them. They are my family. I just can't Liam" new tears formed into her eyes "I am really going to miss you and Abby. My biggest fear was losing Abby and never seeing her again. Now i have two biggest fears. Cause now i found someone else I love more than anything else in the world" Claire's words made my heart race and suddenly my eyes started to pour tears

Claire looked with a face say "no, don't you start too" she shook her head and embraced me into another tight hug. "Claire, I just can't live without you." "Me either Liam, but I also can't live without my family close by me. You know I will always love you. Maybe we can make a long distance relationship work out." that suggestion made me nervous but i trust Claire. I just had to give it a shot. I can't lose her. Not today. "Ok but when are leaving?" I asked. Claire suddenly looked down at her hand and twirled them. "That's the thing..." she looked up at me with sad puppy dog eyes "I'm leaving tomorrow" even more tears filled our eyes "then we have tonight. Lets make the best of it...are you going to tell Abby?" I asked "No...not until tomorrow I don't want to ruin her night with Harry." i sighed and pulled her into yet another hug, I hoped this wasn't our last one.

Harry's POV:

I was wondering where Liam and Claire were. We looked everywhere until they came out of the bathroom. I saw Claire and Liam's eyes, and It looked as if they had been crying. I didn't ask why they were in the girls bathroom and why they were crying. I just kept walking hand in hand with Abby. I was still curious, and I knew that it would bug me all night so I asked "are you guys ok?"  Claire and Liam's eyes shot up to ours. "uh, we fell...and it really, really hurt!" Liam said wiping his eyes. Claire nodded in agreement. We didn't stop to chat, we walked on. Soon we finally made it to the park and laid a blanket, big enough for us all, on the ground

Niall's POV:

"Lets eat!" I screamed. Everyone laughed and I realized how beautiful Brooke's smile was.  Liam and Claire have been acting sad lately but seem like they are enjoying each other. They are acting like this is the last time they will see each other.  Soon before we knew it all the food was gone. Wonder why?

Abby's POV:

"So Harry how is your family?" I asked "really good, my mum just got re-married" Harry smiled "oh my gosh! That's great tell your mum that I said congratulations!" I was really proud of Harry's mum, I knew she would find love again! "Abby how is your family? Is your father doing all right?" I was afraid he was going to ask that. Claire and Brooke looked at me quickly with a concerned look. She knew that set off my emotions. Soon before I could control it my tears streamed down my face. Harry looked at me with confusion "Abby what's wrong?" I wanted to tell him but my tears wouldn't allow me to speak.

finally i got my ability to speak back. sorta. "H-he was k-killed by a-a drunk dri-driver." i stuttered like an idiot. "oh Abby...I-" "it's fine it was right after you left. It was a long...time ago." I interrupted. Harry looked at me with sympathy then pulled me into a tight embrace. "Abby I didn't mean to make you cry, I didn't know" Harry said "It's fine. Lets just get off the topic. Lets talk about something happy." I said wiping my eyes.

The night went great. beside the fact that I couldn't stop thinking about my dad. We use to take walks on the beach while eating our favorite ice cream. I had great memories with my dad. But that one day he didn't come home from work. We tried to find out where he was when we got the call from a hospital. They said my dad had died from a car crash. My mom wouldn't speak for months. Almost a year. We were crushed and I would cry ever chance I got. Now beaches and ice cream make me sad. The most happiest things ever.

After a while our date was over and we were walking back to Harry's flat. I was looking down at my hands when Harry brought my face up with his finger to meet his. "Abby I am so sorry. I ruined our night" he said with sad eyes as innocent as a baby "no Harry, you didn't. I had a great night. I just couldn't stop thinking of my dad. It's not your fault, I think about him all the time already." I said. Harry looked at me then kissed me saying he was sorry again. "That's a nice apology Harry" I said smiling

Claire's POV:

Liam walked out of the car to open my door. He is such a gentlemen. I thanked him and we both walked to up to my flat. "Claire, you got to tell Abby sometime" he said "I know, she is just kinda down tonight. I want to wait till tomorrow." I said "before you leave?" Liam looked confused that I was telling her so late. "ya, I know. I just don't know what I will do without you two" I looked over to Liam "I'm going to miss you so much Claire" Liam said tearing up embracing me tightly and softly.

He pulled out of the hug and kissed me softly but for what seemed like forever. Soon enough I was crying telling him bye. It just can't be the last time I see him. I walked into the flat finding Abby sitting on the couch drinking tea. "Abbs why aren't you in bed?" "Why are you crying?" I looked over at Abby and sighed. "ok fine but please...don't...start crying cause you will make me cry also." i said

Abby looked at me waiting for me to answer. I sucked in a big breathe "I have to move to Kentucky in the US. My dad got transferred there. I can't live that far from my family. I'm so sorry" with that Abby ran to her room and locked herself in there for the rest of night. I tried calling and running after her but she was to fast. She is like a ninja. for the rest of the night all I heard was crying. The sound came from both of us. I'm going to miss her and Liam so much.


Claire's POV:

I woke up with eyes all puffy from crying so much last night. I walked into the kitchen to make some waffles and I found Abby eating a bowl of cereal. Her eyes were puffy as well. "Abby..." She looked over at me with sad eyes "remember when we promised each other we would never let our biggest fear come true?" Abby said "I know Abby I'm so sorry" I think I might just start crying again "oh Claire!" Abby ran over to me and gave me a big hug "I'm going to miss you so much!" I said drowning in tears.

"Look I know it will be tough. But we can video chat, text, call, and a lot more. We will not be separated. Now don't promise that you'll write and all that. Just promise you will not forget me. Remember we are still and forever will be sisters." Abby said tears going down her face. "forever and always" I nodded hearing a knock at the door knowing it was my father picking me up. I quickly looked over at Abby and give her one last bear hug and one last goodbye. I walked out the door giving one last look at my best friend who I knew I would never see again. Then I left.



Hey guys!!! I'm finally home!!! I am so happy to be back to writing. I hope you liked this chapter. The character Claire is actually my best friend in life and we created a band. It's called CLARITY. and you should go FOLLOW us on Instagram @thebandclarity  we will create a YouTube channel soon. Check us out! New chapter will be up tomorrow!!! Love you Xx



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