Won't Say Goodbye Again

Abby Soper is like all normal 19 year olds. She has two amazing best friends, Claire Moore and Brooke Tribble. She has a small apartment, which she shares with Claire. Brooke has no job so she can't afford to stay with us. And like all Teenagers, she has a past. A past that contains Harry Styles. when Abby was little she had a neighbor, Harry Styles, and they became close. really close. like siblings. one day when Abby was going to tell Harry about her feelings about him, he moved, Abby was heart broken that Harry didn't even tell her and they never saw eachother again...till this day


4. Movie Night


Harry's POV:

"Louis wake up! wake up, wake up. fine you don't want me to do this but here we go" I grabbed a big bucket of water "if you want to keep your life, I wouldn't do that pretty boy." Louis joked. I laughed "come on man, the girls are coming soon for movie night" I said Louis blinked several times looking confused and tired "girls? I thought it was just Abby?" Louis said "oh, she is bringing her friend Claire over as well" I said "ok...did you make me tea?" he asked "no, I'm not your peasant Lou" I said laughing "fine then I'll make my own!" Louis said all sassy like. "alright sassy pants, but will you wake up the other boys too?" I asked. Louis nodded.

Louis's POV:

"BOOOOOOOOYYYYYS WAKKKKKKKE UPPPPPPP!!!" I screamed "wha? what's going on? Zayn rubbed his eyes "dude stop screaming" Liam said with a yawn "did you happen to bring me food Lou?" Niall asked "3 answers. Abby is coming with her friend Claire, never it's in my nature, and no...sorry lad" "that's fine, just remember next time!!!" Niall screamed after me. I felt bad about not getting Niall food...so I made Harry cook him something. where is my tea?

Abby's POV:

"Claire!!! come out of this bathroom now!!!" I punched the door "no! you know I don't like them...im not going!" Claire screamed "come on Claire...do it for me...please" silence fell upon us and then *CLICK* the door opened "fine...but if I hate it, I'm walking home without you." she said "alright but I'm not answering your call when you get lost chica" I said with an evil smirk on my face

Claire's POV:

so I finally came out of the bathroom. how bad can it be I mean it's just people. I mean Liam is actually...kinda...cute. shut up Claire! you don't like one of them! I smacked myself trying to get the thought out of my head "um Claire? what are you doing?" Abby asked. quick find something to say..ummm..."uh nothing...there...uh, was a fly and It landed on my face" "I don't see a fly Claire" she replied "that's right...I must have killed it, you know" ok Claire play it cool.

Abby's POV:

Claire was acting really weird but I just let her be. Claire was pacing at Harry's door. "uh, Claire are you sure your ok. are you actually excited?" I asked "me? psh. no! I just...I mean you put a lot of pressure on me" she said looking worried "Claire I won't believe that in a million years, trust me...calm down girl" I told her. I knocked at the door and now Claire was praying. what is wrong with this girl. Harry opened the door to us "welcome girls! you must be Claire I'm Harry" Claire played it cool and shook his hand "boys come in here, the girls are finally here!!!" Harry yelled down the hall, the boys came in and once Liam came in he stopped and stared at Claire. he was in a trance. someone's in love.

Harry's POV:

"um Liam...are you ok?" I asked Liam. he looked as if he were in a trance. I waved my hand over his face and he snapped out of it "oh sorry lads, can I speak to you Harry for a second" he said "uh sure" with that I followed Liam to the kitchen "what's up man" I asked "what's up? what's up?! man Claire...she is beautiful, how come you didn't tell me?" he asked with a smile "hey I have never met her till now either" I said and motioned him to follow me and came back to the girls.

Liam's POV:

"sorry loves" Liam said. Claire was beautiful. I really liked her and she hasn't even spoken yet. I think I might just go up to her and introduce myself. I walked up to her when every one else just walked off to go see what movies we had "Hi, I'm Liam. You must be Claire?" I said "yes, It's really nice to meet you Liam" the way she said my name sent shivers down my back. I smiled at her and smiled back. Her smile was beautiful. "sorry for staring so much at you earlier...you're just so...beautiful" I started to blush realizing what I just said. stupid Liam. Stupid! "thank you...a lot" she laughed and smiled at me "you're not so bad yourself" she said. I laughed

Abby's POV:

Wow they are really hitting it off. they are the definition of a perfect couple. I have a plan and it involves watching something scary...they will be sitting next to each other. And they will fall in love. it's perfect. Claire sat down next to me and Liam sat the other side of me. perfect! "um Claire could you switch spots with me? I want to sit next to Harry." Claire nodded her head and switched spots with me. I turned and whispered in Harry's ear "they're totally going to fall in love" Harry laughed and agreed.  we all agreed on the notebook, I never knew why though. it's so lovey dovey. I really wanted a scary movie, but then again a love story might be better. we will see

Claire's POV:

during the movie I kept looking back at Liam. I don't know why. I really liked him though. I guess I will just have to live with myself knowing I like someone from One Direction. I can't help my feelings. I started to get really cold and I started to shiver. I am guessing Liam saw I was cold so he put his arm around me. I suddenly felt warm and I rested my head on his shoulder. surprisingly it wasn't awkward at all. It felt...natural. I looked over at Abby and she winked at me. I couldn't help but smile. I decided I really, really like Liam. I'm hoping he will ask me out

Liam POV: I really, really like Claire maybe I should ask her out, I will ask her when the movie is done and it almost is so that's soon. after a few minutes the credits started to roll. "hey Claire?" I said "yes Liam" "well um...I was wondering if...you wanted to go out tomorrow?" I waited for her response. "Liam" uh oh she is going to say no. crap! "yes, I will go out with you" she agreed! words can't explain how happy I am right now I smiled at her and she smiled back.

Harry's POV:

alright I really need to get Abby alone so I can tell her how I feel. "um Abby? can I talk to you in another room?" I asked "am I, in anyway, in trouble?" she said "no ma'am" "then yes, you can" we walked into my room and sat on my bed. "so um Abby...I really need to tell you something. something I have been wanting to tell you ever since I left." she waited for the answer "so um...the day I left...I was going to tell you how I felt about you, but I didn't know we were moving. my parents said we were going to be late for our flight...so I never got to tell you." I looked down at my hands


"Harry please tell me" she said "ok well...I really like you...not just as friends...but something more. I spent my whole life with you and that's what I actually wanted to do. but I just never got to tell you" I felt tears stream down my face. "Harry look at me..." I looked into her big brown eyes "it's all ok...I was going to do the same exact thing...cause I feel the same way." did she actually just say that? I never even knew. but what happened next sent sparks through my whole body. I kissed her. It was magical, but that's when Claire barged in. "hey guys...I just wanted to know what was going on..." she looked at us then realized we kissed. her mouth formed an O.

"crap Harry she is going to go snitch!" I whispered. that's when Claire ran into the living room and we heard her yell "HARRY AND ABBY KISSED GUYS!" I laughed and got up and looked at Harry "so what does this mean...are we kind of...you know, a thing?" she asked "that's how I imagined it" I said. she smiled letting me know that she was my girl friend now. "did I tell you how I missed you like heck!?" she screamed playfully slapping my arm. I laughed "ow...that hurt" I sarcastically said "and I know, I missed you too" i gave her a light kiss on the nose and I took her hand leading her to the living room.

Everyone started clapping their hands and Harry and I took a bow. we could tell everyone was happy for us.


Hey guys!!! did you like this chapter? it took me a while because it totally deleted everything when I was using the loo...stupid computer!! lol anyway I love you guys Xx


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