Won't Say Goodbye Again

Abby Soper is like all normal 19 year olds. She has two amazing best friends, Claire Moore and Brooke Tribble. She has a small apartment, which she shares with Claire. Brooke has no job so she can't afford to stay with us. And like all Teenagers, she has a past. A past that contains Harry Styles. when Abby was little she had a neighbor, Harry Styles, and they became close. really close. like siblings. one day when Abby was going to tell Harry about her feelings about him, he moved, Abby was heart broken that Harry didn't even tell her and they never saw eachother again...till this day


1. Memory Lane

13 years ago:


"No Harry! Stop!" I scream laughing. Harry dumped a big bucket of water on my head, I screamed and stormed away. "come back Abby I was just playing, I am sorry, really!" Harry screamed for me to come back. I found a place to sit and cry, and I heard Harry searching for me. he finally found me. "I am really sorry Abby, will you forgive me?" Harry begged. "fine, don't do it again." I said pointing at Harry "give me a hug please" Harry walked towards me and gave me a big bear hug *SNAP* my mom took a picture. "Mommy! Your back!" I screamed hugging my mom. my Mom smiled at me and went back in the house to find my father.

present day: (Abbys' POV)

I stared at the picture of Harry and I when we were just 6 years old. Harry was giving me a big bear hug because I forgave him. I could never remember why though. "I Can't believe that was 13 years ago mom..." I trailed off looking at the picture still. my mom came over and rubbed my back with sympathy. "I know honey. do you miss him, sweat heart?" mom asked "a bunch mom, he was my best friend...my brother from another mother." I looked at my mom with sad eyes. my mom stared at the picture for a few seconds then finished helping Claire and I unpack. we just got our new apartment. it was our dream as little kids to live together and now we get to live it.


(lets meet Abby Soper) Abby is a beautiful girl with long strawberry blond hair. Abby has brown eyes and she is pretty tall. Abby is a dancer and has been every since she was just 3 years old.

(lets meet Claire Moore) Claire is a very beautiful girl with brunette hair and hazel eyes. Claire is pretty tall as well and is Abbys' best friend. they met when they were just 11 years old, and have been just like sisters ever since. Claire was once a dancer but left for vally ball when she was about 14 years old.


"Hey Abbs what wrong?" Claire saw in my eyes that I was a bit sad. "oh nothing, I just...I miss Harry" I confessed "Abby look forget about him. He is a big pop star now and is selfish, you don't need him" she said "Claire just because you hate One Direction doesn't mean you have to hate Harry." I told her "yes it does, see this is why Swifties and Directioners don't go well, just like cats and dogs!" Claire screamed from another room. Claire knew I was a huge Directioner and I knew Claire was a huge Swiftie, but we still managed to stand each other. Even though we had to put in headphones when we listen to them so the other friend doesn't get annoyed or mad. I stilled loved her though. Going down memory lane was making me sad, I needed some fresh air. "Hey Claire! can we go get some Starbucks and walk around downtown for a bit? I need something fun to get all this stuff off my mind" I yelled at her. we grabbed our coats and locked our door, soon before we knew it we were waiting for our coffee in Starbucks.

I felt someone smack my butt. I turned and saw a really cute guy smirking at me. I gave him a glare when Claire pushed me to back up "watch out Abby. ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE!!!" Claire screamed "woah, woah there little horsie. it's fine. Just don't talk to him or look at him. Maybe he is like a dinosaur. If we don't say anything and stand still he won't see us." I said jokingly. It actually worked and we never saw him again, luckily.


Claires' POV:

"so Abby, tell me, what was it like being friends with Harry? I never ever got to meet him, and he left when you were 13" I asked. Abby looked sad when we talked about Harry and I could feel how much she missed him. I linked arms with her and gave her a look of sympathy. she opened her mouth to talk "well, I loved it. it was amazing and magical. He was my best friend. I was going to tell him how I felt the day he left. my mom came up to me and told me he moved. I was sad and mad at the same time. He didn't even say goodbye" Abby said with a tear streaming down her face. I wiped her tears and gave her a big bear hug. "Thanks Claire, your an amazing friend" she said "it's my job. it's was I do" I said "oh hey I forgot I have to call Brooke, wanna meet up with her?" I said Abby nodded and with that I called Brooke and invited her to meet us at the mall.


(lets meet Brooke Tribble) Brooke is sweet but can be very feisty at times. Brooke is a bit shorter than Claire and I but still our best friend. she is black with brown hair and eyes (not being resist) Brooke is a dancer just like me!


Abbys' POV:

(later on) so Abby, any good new lately?" Brooke asked. Claire looked over me as if she knew what Brooke was talking about. "What are you guys talking about?" I was confused "do we always have to do they heavy lifting? Abby...did you get in London's Preforming Arts College?!" Claire said "oh! that news" I said. I paused for dramatic effect. "yes! I did" I screamed. we all got up and jumped and squealed like excited little girls getting a new Barbie doll. "oh my gosh Abby!!! we are so happy for you when do you go?" Brooke said. "well I"m going tomorrow to check out the awesome place. Wanna come with?" I suggested "YES!" Brooke and Claire said at the same time as if they were twins. we all looked at each other with excitement. The rest of the day was spent shopping and we all went home with our feet dragging after our bodies. "alright im going to bed, night Claire!" I screamed. I went im my room then hung all my new clothes then drifted off listening to One Direction.

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