Won't Say Goodbye Again

Abby Soper is like all normal 19 year olds. She has two amazing best friends, Claire Moore and Brooke Tribble. She has a small apartment, which she shares with Claire. Brooke has no job so she can't afford to stay with us. And like all Teenagers, she has a past. A past that contains Harry Styles. when Abby was little she had a neighbor, Harry Styles, and they became close. really close. like siblings. one day when Abby was going to tell Harry about her feelings about him, he moved, Abby was heart broken that Harry didn't even tell her and they never saw eachother again...till this day


3. Forgive Him, Forgive Him Not?

Abby's POV:

I woke up to my alarm clock going off, it wouldn't stop. so I threw it against the wall and it kinda...broke. Great! now I have to get a new alarm clock. Anyway. I got out of bed then shuffled my way to the shower. soon after I put my new black top, which showed my figure perfectly, and my lacey pale jacket to go with it. Along with that I put my dark blue skinny jeans on. this time I decided to curl my hair, I remember how much Harry likes curly hair.

"hey Abby!" Claire said while making a smoothie, which was one of those healthy smoothies...gross. "Hey Claire, what are you doing up so early it's..." I paused to look at my watch "5:45" "oh i just kinda woke up to a very loud crashing noise...wanna tell momma what that was?" Claire said "it was my clock...oh! speaking of 5:45 I really got to go or I'll be late!" I hurried to get my shoes on "alright then, but I'm not buying you a new one you hear...have fun!" Claire screamed after me "bye Claire" I yelled back

~last period~

"ok where the heck is music?" I said under my breath "you know I'm in that class to...I can show you" a voice said behind me, I was very startled but the voice sounded familiar. I turned around to see who it was. Harry. It was Harry. "oh hi Harry" I said. I can't believe he is in my class "hey Abbs...you lost?" Harry said as if I always get lost. "Harry I don't always get lost you know" I said starting to walk away "oh really you don't? remember when you said you knew where the ice cream shop was? Abby we were lost for almost a whole week" Harry said mockingly "well it's good our parents found us." I looked at him with a "come at me bro" look "ok fine take me to music Harry" I gave in. "to music we go! onward!" Harry screamed. I remembered how Harry was such a dork and a jokester, he clearly still is. I missed that.

~later on in music~

I was looking down at my hand, apparently distracted. "Miss. Soper!" the teacher said "I see you are the volunteer to sing a solo in front of the class...?" The teacher just told me to do my biggest fear. I have big stage fright. Harry looked at me and he knew what I was thinking. "go for it!" Harry mouthed. I didn't think I could do it. I might just...throw up. when I was 11 I was in the school play "wizard of Oz" I was Dorthy and I was singing my solo when I threw up and fell off the stage. I never again stepped on any stage. I was to afraid to be humiliated again.

"um, I'm sorry what?" I said with disbelief "you heard me Miss. Soper. Come here and sing for us all" the teacher pointing to the ground close to him. "I'm sorry...I-I can't" I said looking down at my hands "and why is that?" the teacher was glaring at me "I just...I can't." I said "yes you can, come to the front" he was mad now. I got up hoping the bell would ring. I looked at the clock. crap! it's only 4:20. school get out at 4:35 I started to turn around slowly. the class was huge! everyone's eyes were staring at me. I felt like I was going to barf. when really I actually was. I ran out of the room with my hands over my mouth. I heard someone running after me.

Before I knew it I was in the bathroom throwing up. I heard someone come in the bathroom "Abby are you ok love?" it was Harry "yeah. I just still have stage fright...one question" I said  "yeah?" he said "why the heck are you in the girls bathroom!" I yelled "well there aren't any girls in-....nevermind" I laughed Harry held my hair and told me everything will be ok. "hey the bell's about ring. we have 2 minutes. lets get back and get our stuff" Harry said helping me get up. He grabbed a paper towel and wiped my mouth. "here have some gum" Harry laughed I shot him a "I will kill you later" look.

*DING* The bell rang to let school out

"Abby wait up!" Harry yelled. That's when I remembered I was meeting up with him after school. I almost forgot! "oh hey Harry, where are we going" I said "we are going to go get ice cream" Harry said. Harry opened the car for me. I forgot how much of a gentleman he was. "thanks" I said. in the car was looking out side when the song I knew you were trouble came on. I changed it before Harry could even reach it. "Hate the song too?" Harry looked at me with concern

"a bunch" I agreed "why?" he asked "same reason you hate it Harry." I looked at him and I saw the sadness in his eyes "Taylor doesn't deserve you, you know?" I said "she never did, never will" Harry looked at me with a fake smile. we arrived at the ice cream store. "This is the ice cream shop we were going to go to. but we got lost. I remember that. those were some good times" I smiled remembering the past. "lets go!!!" Harry screamed interrupting my thought chamber. I got plain old chocolate and Harry got honeycomb.

Harry's POV:

Abby looked beautiful. I just hope she forgives me. "Abby...I'm...really-" "no I'm sorry I didn't want you to see me like that yesterday. it was childish. I just...I just haven't seen you in forever and I was in shock, from seeing you." she said with a side of embarrassment "Abby it's fine...but what I did wasn't. I didn't even say bye, I'm really sorry...will you please forgive me?" I begged hoping she would forgive me. I waited for her answer

"ok fine, but only this styles!" yes!! she forgave me. Happy feelings flowed through me. I still had to tell her how I felt. "um Abby can you come by my apartment tomorrow, the boys-" "yes!!!" Abby agreed "but I didn't even finish Abby" I laughed "I don't care, I love One Direction!" she smiled back at me. I some how knew tomorrow was going to be a great day


Hey guys!!! hoped you liked this chapter!!! what do you think will happen next? how do you think Abby will react when she meets 1D? well I will post another chapter later!!! I love you guys! Xx

                                                                                                                                  ~Abby Soper~




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