Won't Say Goodbye Again

Abby Soper is like all normal 19 year olds. She has two amazing best friends, Claire Moore and Brooke Tribble. She has a small apartment, which she shares with Claire. Brooke has no job so she can't afford to stay with us. And like all Teenagers, she has a past. A past that contains Harry Styles. when Abby was little she had a neighbor, Harry Styles, and they became close. really close. like siblings. one day when Abby was going to tell Harry about her feelings about him, he moved, Abby was heart broken that Harry didn't even tell her and they never saw eachother again...till this day


5. Double Date, Tripple Date?

Abby's POV:


"wha?" I realized I said that out loud. The whole class turned around and stared at me. I must have been sleeping or something "Miss. Soper is everything alright over there?" the teacher said looking concerned "um nothing, I'm fine...just thinking" the teacher nodded his head an moved on with his lesson. I couldn't wait to get out of here, music is my next class and I really want to see Harry! I tapped my feet, shook my pencil, and bit my lips. nothing. the bell still didn't ring!

I thought about how Claire was doing, she was probably sitting on the couch eating away at cheez-its and chatting with Liam on the phone. Then I thought bout Brooke. what is she up to! I wondered if she was busy tonight...maybe she can tag along on our double date. would that be awkward? nah. we can bring Niall! yeah that's a good idea. although Brooke is a bit...much of a fan girl. I wonder what her reaction would be, guess we will find out


finally! I ran out of the room forgetting all my stuff causing me to run back and trip on a chair. oh so this is why they say push in your chairs. I got up and pushed in the chair then quickly grabbed my stuff and ran to the music room. I ran as fast as I could letting my asthma get to me. I didn't stop to take a breath. soon before I knew it I was in music "oh. Hey Abbs!" Harry said giving me a hug "Hey...Harry...what's...up...love?" I said in between breaths "why are you so out of breath Abby?" Harry asked "I...ran...nevermind" I waved away what I was going to say "water..." I was really thirsty so Harry gave me his water bottle. I drank it...all of it. "Abby...you drank it all!" he laughed and gave me a little peck on the head.

Harry's POV:

"Class can I please have two volunteers to sing in front of the class please?" the teacher looked around so I raised my hand. "alright. Harry. who else? anyone?" he looked unpaciently around the room "ah! MIss. Soper you never got the chance to sing yesterday. won't you come sing to us today?" I could feel the tension on Abby's face. She got up and I took her shoulders "Abby it's ok... it's just the class...not a stage. just pretend like your all alone, that's what I did on the X-factor." Abby's face grew calm and I took her hand.

"what will you two be singing today?" the teacher asked "how about moments...by...well my band One Direction" I heard giggles from girls in the room " alright go, you will need solos" the teacher said. Me and Harry looked at each other, then music started


Shut the door, turn the lights off. I wanna be with you. I wanna feel your love. I wanna lay beside you. I can not hide this, even though I try


Heart beats harder, time escapes me. Trembling hands, touch skin and it makes this harder. And the tears stream, down my face


Abby's POV:

the song continued and we finished smiling at each other, realizing that we put actual meaning in the song. I also soon realized I had just sang in front of about 50 people and they all were staring at me with O sized mouths. then they all started to clap their hands. I couldn't believe what just happened


the day was over and I started to walk home when Harry caught up with me "Hey Abby! do you need a ride babe?!" Harry called out to me "uh sure!" I called back to him we got in the car and ' I should've kissed you' came on the radio. Me and Harry jammed out and sang along. I remembered when we were kids, we use to do this all the time. we would turn on our favorite radio station and dance with each other. we danced till the birds chirped in the after noon to when the stars were visable in the sky. it was a lot of fun

"Hey Harry?" I asked "yes Abby?" Harry replied "what time do I need to be at your place tonight?" "well you if you can be there around...6:00 that would be great!" Harry seemed so excited "alright one other thing, about tonight." I looked at Harry not ready for his response "and that would be?" Harry asked "well is it alright if I bring a...lonely friend? maybe Niall can tag along with us?" I asked "Yeah that would be great, but it wouldn't be a date to them would it?" he said keeping his eyes on the road. "uh...no, unless they make it like that, then yes. we both laughed. Soon we arrived at my apartment and he pulled into my driveway. "thanks Harry for the lift!" I called to him "no problem, hey! if you need a ride everyday from school, I'm your guy!" I nodded and then told him goodbye.

I walked  up four flights of stairs before arriving to my door. There wasn't a elevator. I grabbed my keys and quickly turned to lock. *CLICK* the door opened and I found my mom sitting on my couch eating my crisps. "mom? what are you doing here...eating my crisps?!" I took the bag away from her and started laughing "honey I have a key also...did you not know that?" she walked over to me "no mom, I didn't. just because you have a spare key, doesn't mean you can come in and eat all my crisps." I smiled at my mom

"Honey I am going on a road trip tomorrow to Washington D.C, it's for work...want to come with?" my mom asked. excitement built inside me. I have been wanting to go to D.C my whole life! I nodded my head vigorously. I jumped up and down till I couldn't breathe. "whoa, whoa little horsie. settle down" my mom laughed  "when do we leave?!" I asked "tomorrow at 3:30" she said. I squealed and ran up stairs to pack. 2 hour later and I was all packed, when I realized it was 5:45. crap! I was going to be late for the trip- sorry I meant "double date." I quickly called Brooke and told her to come over as quick as she can. 5 minutes later, Brooke was here. It took her long enough.

Two knocks were at the door and I ran to open the door, I ended up tripping over Brooke cause I ran out the door to quickly. "ah, hey Brooke" I sarcastically said "what the heck Abby!" Brooke screamed "sorry, get in the car I'll explain in there." I said running to the car. we slammed the door and Brooke looked at me with concern. Her facial expression said "what's wrong with you" so i started talking about how Harry Styles was my neighbor and my best friend, then he moved and now we are dating. I told her everything. Everything. Her mouth formed an O. "so where are we going now?" Brooke asked

"we are going on a double date. Harry and I. Liam and...Claire" I whispered hoping she didn't hear me "wait did you say Claire and Liam?!" Brooke looked at me as if I was speaking another language. "Yes...I did, and guess who is coming along." I said. Brooke looked at me for me to continue. "Niall and you. you guys will be hanging out with us...so your not so...lonely" I said laughing. Brooke started to fan girl and screaming.


I had to cover my ears because she screamed so loud and high pitched. "so I-I'm going on a d-date with Niall Horan!!??" Brooke screamed holding my shoulders tight. "not exactly...unless you make it that way!" i pulled her hands for my shoulders. I started the car and drove off to Harry's apartment while Brooke was fan girling. I really hope she isn't like this when we are with them. I might just make her walk home by herself.

We finally made it to Harry's door. I grabbed Brooke by the shoulders "Brooke if you fan girl this whole time...I'm making you walk home...all by yourself" i looked at her with a death glare. Brooke nodded and i gave two slight knocks on the door. Harry answered the door and I gave him a big hug. Brooke was staring at him and I knew she was wanting me introduce her to him. "uhhh...Harry this is my friend, Brooke" I said.


Brooke calmed herself surprising and she stayed that way. they shook hands and then Harry grabbed Liam, Niall, and...Claire? Claire is already there? huh...cool. "oh hey Claire...what are you doing here already?" i asked "oh I have been here the whole day" she said "oh you were "here" the whole day hmm?" i gave her a very awkward look then winked and she shoved me. we both laughed understanding what i was talking about.


Brooke's POV:

we all walked out and Niall went up to Brooke. "Hi, you must be Brooke?" he said. I think I might have been blushing. "uh, yeah" i put a stray hair behind my hear, then smiled. luckily he's taller than me. He shook my hand, and I actually didn't scream. Good job Brooke, good job. I looked over to Abby and she was holding hands with Harry and Claire was doing the same with Liam. So this made it awkward between Niall and I.

Niall's POV:

Everyone was holding hands except Brooke and I. Awkward. I think that Brooke is really sweet, I hope i can get to know her better. oh, oh, also I hope she likes food!! wow...I'm hungry. I looked over at Brooke. "so Brooke, what do you like to do when you have free time?" i said. i waited for her answer and she was obviously trying to think about it. "dance, write....and eat!" she said. She is my dream girl! "no way we have a bunch in common!" i said. we started to laugh. then I realized this is going to be a great night!


hey guys the next chapter will be up soon! it will be the date!!! I didn't want you guys' eyes popping out of your head because you reading such a LONG chapter. so I'm separating them. cya guys later love you Xx

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