The Plague

Just a story i made up in my head....first one so no hate guys...Its a zombie story.

Thanks, Sarius


2. The Tip of the Iceberg

I looked up as she said yes. "Really? You will?" "Yes, a million yes's" She replied a hugged me. The bell rung a second time, indicating the next class. "i've got to go, I'll see you later. Okay?" "Yeah." I ran to class, i got in just as people were walking in, i stumbled up to lachlan, "Yes..." I had said within hearing distance. We high fived, he had known about me asking sarah out, he had actually helped me figure out when and where to do it. He's a good friend indeed. We had all gotten our utensils out and were moving onto doing our work, a knock on the door surprised everyone but the teacher. Actually continued knocks, almost like someone trying to bust the door open. Sir had walked over and opened th door just as someone stumbled in and looked at the class, the figure had turned and gazed upon sir for a few mere seconds, and in those few i noticed the bloody, rotten flesh hanging from his lip. The man lunged onto sir and bit his nose clean off. At this point, the whole class was up against the wall screaming, while i just stared in horror at someone being ripped to shreds in front of me. I got up and grasped the chair beside me with white knuckles, i walked closer to the bodies intined and hit the man with the chair as hard as i could. He rolld off sir and out the door. Before he could get up nad get in, lachlan slammed the door and sat at the base to keep it shut. "Tha...Thank you." A mumur came from sir as he passed away. Everyone helped cover the door with chairs and tables so nothing could get in. We rolled sir out of the window and let him fall onto the grass a story below.
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