The Plague

Just a story i made up in my head....first one so no hate guys...Its a zombie story.

Thanks, Sarius


1. School

The clock ticked away so slowly, still ten minutes until lunch. Ten minutes until i can see Sarah. Damn it, why can't it go faster. I looked over at Lachlan, his head laid back, asleep. As usual. Miss had walked up silently and hit him over the head with a book and he jumped from his chair. *Ring Ring The bell sounded and i was the first out the door, i ran to the seats my group had taken to be their own. Sarah was seating there reading a book. Leaning back on her chair, she gazed over and smiled at me. "Hey stranger, whats up?" She had looked upon my face. "Do you want to go out with me?" I puffed out. She looked surprised but smiled on. She slowly got up and walked over to me. "Yes"
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