The Plague

Just a story i made up in my head....first one so no hate guys...Its a zombie story.

Thanks, Sarius


4. Escape

"What? Why?" I asked a lachlan told me what had occured.

She had gone to the window, and fallen out. No screaming, no nothing, just her, falling out of the window.

"Weird." I added as i took count of the people left in our class.

There was:

* Me   * Lachlan   * Jason

* Tara   * Emily   * Anna


All the rest had either ran out when sir was lunged upon, or had silently slipped away without any notice. There was normally 19 people in our class, and now there was 6.

I looked out of the window and up to the carpark. A car alarm suddenly blared from the top and i glanced closer, a group of braindead had gathered around the car and was gnawing at the windows and trying to open at any crevice they could. I looked back at sir, and then i noticed his bag sitting upon the table.

I moved over to it and looked inside, a pair of keys met my hand as i reached down lower into the bag.

"Hey, we need to get out of here Harry." Lachlan came up to me and i turned just in time to show him our scapegoat.


It was hard work to get everyone moving over to the window, but when they were there, i fished the keys out of my pocket and waited for replies, none came. I pressed the button and a car flahed up down the very end, 3 cars from the massive herd of them attacking the car.

"Are you kidding me?!" I said this a bit to loud and there was a knock upon the door which startled me and the rest of the class.

"When can we go?" Tara and spoken right in my ear, she was creepy like this. I remember the year before, everyone made a rumour that she cuts herself because she was so gothic. I went up to her and became one of her close friends, we had a falling out though.

"Right now," i whispered back. "everyone listen. We're going to make a run to the car we have, then we will travel to my house and set up, up stairs. In a few days, when everything has died down, we will go to your houses and establish contact for your families if they are still there waiting for you. This is after we get proper weapons, we can't keep on using clubs, thats what we're doing now. Get a table between two and snap the legs off, it'll be hard work, we don't have much energy but we can do it."

Everyone went on their way as i observed from a distance. I would get lachlan to point out when I can move from cover to not be seen. I will hop in the car and drive over to the group and they will hop in and we'll go. Easier said then done.

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