The Plague

Just a story i made up in my head....first one so no hate guys...Its a zombie story.

Thanks, Sarius


3. Dreamscape

 I looked across the grass to the class Sarah would be in. I saw someone standing at the window looking in my direction the light bulb swung behind them and suddenly the light lit up the face of the figure, it was Sarah. Not a zombie? Not dead?

I had nearly died from stress over where she could be or what she could be doing. Or if she was a flesh eating monster...


Before i knew it, i was on the grass runninng at her.

"SARAH!!!" I yelled, pegging sticks and stones at the window wouldn't get her to look. I climbed up the drain leading down the building and as i approached the window she smiled and fell out.

Her body hopelessly fell onto the grass as i jumped to catch her.

The world blew into a million pieces as the world smashed like glass, i looked down into a dark blackness. Two blincking holes awaiting me at the bottom. As i flew down, i looked towards Sarah, she was dead, dead enough to eat someone that is.

Looking at me in a cold blank stare, as if she wanted to munch on my leg. I looked back down and flew into my eyes.



"Harry, wake up! Quickly! One of the students are missing." Lachlan had shaken me awake.

I looked out the window, it had been smashed into a million pieces? I looked out of it, and there was Sarah, standing at the foot of the dead body of the girl. That cold blank stare from my dreams had come back to haunt me.

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