the only one that stole my heart

harry styles fanfiction


5. you can call it a night


jenny is bold

harry is italic

911 people is  underline

*when they speak*


jenny p.o.v




harry and i were in his car he was driving to his house he looked tence and mad or maybe hurt but i was thinking about how to tell him what i saw in my house 10 minutes ago.I know that the right thing to do was tell him when i got in the car so he could call the police but i was shock of what i hade seen i never thought that my stepdad could do that, i thought that they were okey,that they were happy but i think i thought wrong.One question has been in my head the whole car ride and is Why did my stepdad kill my mom? what did she do? was she protecting me? was he drunk and he saw my mom as a kill toy ? maybe more than one question but the main one was why did he kill her ?I was interrupted by harry touching my arm.He got of the car and opened the door for me as always when i was out of the car he close it and we stared to walk to his house.His house was huge.he open his front door and we got in the house he went to the kitchen and stared to boil water for tea.

he looked at me in a way saying "tell me now "

when i went inside my house i saw broken glass everywhere so i went to the kitchen and saw blood all over the kitchen floor but then i saw a body that look dead and another body but it was breathing i came closer and saw that the dead body was my mom and saw that the other body was my stepdad he had in one hand a bottle of some type of alcohol and in the other a gun i panic and i just knew that i had to get out of there i thought that you hade already left but i saw your car so i run to it and got i dirent want to tell you becouse i was shock and because i dirent want you to get hurt

omg i dont know what to say and you should have tell me 

i know but as i said i was shock and dirent want you to get hurt

true can you pass me the i belive i have a call to make

here and am so sorry i hope you are not mad at me 

never babe never and why would i be mad at you 

because i dirent tell you sooner 

dont worry i understand you if that hade happend to me i would do the same

i was about to say something but i heard 

thanks for calling 911 what your emergency

hello we are okey but when my girlfriend went to her house she saw broken glass in her leaving room and in the kitchen her mom dead and her stepfather sleeping and in one hand he had a bottle of alcohol and in the other a gun

when did this happend

about 15 minutes ago

why dirent you call earlier 

my girlfriend was in shock and couldnt say anything and she was scare that i would get hurt

oh okey what is the adress of the house where everything happend

he told her the adress

thank you you guys did the right thing a little too late but you call and that what is important , can you give me your phone number so we could tell you what happend 

sure is 345-687-8354(not a real number) 

oh thank you mr..

call me harry

oh okey we will call you when everything is done bye harry 

so what now 

we have to wait for them to call he said giving me a cup with tea 


no problem 

harry can i ask you something

anything love

why did you call me your girlfriend i mean it in the nice way 

oh because today i wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend but with everything that happend i couldnt and um yeah

the night is not over you know

jenny would you like to be my girlfriend

yes it would be a pleasure

with that harry lips where on mine,it was like we where meant to be together.then this  thought came into my mind and one tear came running down my face i think harry saw it because he pull again and look me right in the eye

what wrong

is just that my dad died and my mom too i have noboby 

you have me and you will always do and if i ask you what happend to our dad could you tell me 

my dad was in a plane he was coming back from a business trip and his plane crash,all of the people in the plane died 

oh sorry it was okey if you dirent tell me 

is okey i had to tell somebody i feel better now what about if we watch a movie 

i choose 





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