the only one that stole my heart

harry styles fanfiction


4. worst and best day of my life

jenny p.o.v

today i hade a lot of fun with harry,liam,zayn,louis and niall i dont really like calling them one direction still feels weir anyway now i was in harry with harry sitting next to me louis and liam decide it to go with zayn and niall and i was glad becouse that means i was alone with harry ..yay.after we play truth or dare in the beach we played confessinons and later we played spin the bottle and i hade to kiss niall,liam and zayn. the kisses were so different niall was with no emotion with liam was so appasionate and i felt a little sparks and with zayn it was this akward i think we were close to my house becouse we hade been driving for like 15 minutes.we havent talk, harry put pandora in his phone and then connected his phone to his car and so we could have loud music.then wings by little mix came up i really love that song and i courent helped but sing the lyrics

mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly dont let what they saykeep up at night and if they give you shh they could walk on by feet,feet cant touch the ground and i cant hear a sound but you just keep on running up your mouth walk,walk on over there cuz am to fly to care,oh yeah your words dont mean a thing am not lisenning keep talking all i know is mama told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly...... and then i saw harry stearing at me surprise

what?i know i sing bad! i think i answer myself but whatever.

you are kidding right your voice it amazayn(see what i did there lol)he said

really? my family and friends told me that i was good but i dirent really belive them.i said remembering my dad i really miss him a lot we were so close

yes maybe you should try out for the x factor,he said

yeah right i dont want to get scream by simon

you have an amazing voice and your are not belive me and the aditions start in 3 weeks maybe i could help you 

no no and no i said

am not taking a no for a answer so be ready  at 11 am ,am going to pick you up so we could practice

11 am!!! i said ,that to early what about 1 pm

noooooooooooooo be ready at 11 amand that is final 

fine when i said that i saw my house and got sad i dont really want to go inside with my mom acting like a maniac and my stepdad trying to act like he likes me and he is a bad actor so it  dosent really work

bye ha..i was about to say harry when i felt a pair of solf lips on miine i was shock first but then i kiss back and i felt butterflys in my stomach.when we pull away for air i look right in his eyes and they were a dark green color,not thinking what i was doend i kiss him again and he kiss back but this time i dirent feel butterflys i felt fireworks and that kiss bacame a make-out session after what it felt like years i pull away and kiss him in his cheek and got out of the car and walked to my house.i was in the living room when i saw glass everywhere and something red,wait wait did i just say something red i looked more closer and ofcoarse it was blood i walk to the kitchen and saw many bottles of some kind of alchohol then i saw a dead body cover in blood and then i saw the face of the body it was my mom next to her was my stepdad with a gun in his hand he looked like he was sleeping i panick and run out of the house cutting my feet with the glass in the floor.when i was out of my house i saw harry car still there and i just ran,when i was closer to the car i saw harry with his head in his hands and hes hands in the sterring wheel,i got inside the car good think it was open and seat down then harry's head came up and looked at me.

hey again i said with tears running down my cheeks can i stay in your house tonight plz

sure then he look at me with a look that said "whats wrong" 

i will tell you later now please start driving before something else happends and i like it

you like what ? he ask

the kiss or make-out session whatever you wanna call it 


today my best friend is moving to texas with her family her name is melanie but in movellas her name is mel<3hazza!! i just wanted to say that i will miss her a lot and if you want to read her story is call you only have one side and is her first movella so dont send her hate.

i havent update becouse i dont feel like you guys like this story but today i hade nothing to do and i just wrote this anyways i dont really care anymore if you guys like it i mean it would mean a lot but if you dont i dont care because am writting this story to have fun. and if you like this movella plz click like,comment and if you love it click favorite... thanks i know am annoying i cant do anything about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and i wish happy father day to all ur fathers (it sounds weir) now bye 




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