the only one that stole my heart

harry styles fanfiction


6. time to practice

jenny p.o.v

this past week has been terrible i dirent think my mom death could be so hard but harry was there next to me all this time,he was there supporting me,he was always there when i felt like i was nothing to the world,he always was there when i needed a shorlder to cried on.but i feel better i was going to a studio so harry and the others could help me practice for my addition i cant lied i havent been this nerves for a long time is just the x factor is a great place and you could actually be a star but i was more nerves because if i dirent do good at my addition all this hard work that harry the others and me are doend is for nothing and i dont want to let one direction down.right now harry and i where in harry car he was driving like always.when we got there a lot of girls where there too and when i say a lot i meant like 200 girls,when they saw harry they stared jumping and scream.i also saw some paparazzi taking pictures but i dirent really care .when we were inside i was greeted by liam,zayn,louis and niall,i love niall hugs they are the best.for my addition i was singing "turn your face by little mix "i really like that song.i was going to sing perrie and leight part at the end.i really like perrie voice is so unique and beautiful,the boys said that my voice sounds a little bit like we were practiciing the song for like the 10 time.


in my memory i was hurting 

long before we met


in my memory 

there still burning

fingerprints you left 

and i always meant to say to you i cant 

so just turn your face 

until i cant see you anymore 

turn your face until i cant see you anymore 

walk away until your're not standing in my door 

turn your face walk away and stay 

turn your face


each time i take you back

you bring one thousand cracks 

and i accept them like a fool ohh


so now what your excuse 

what do we have loose? 

since am already loosing you ohh


so hard to face 

that i cant see you anymore 

so hard to face  

that i cant feel you anymore


so walk away 

until you're not standing in my door 

turn your face,walk away and stay 

turn your face

turn your face and stay

turn your face

when i fishish everybody was clapping and smiling i was very proud of myself but then i notice little mix clapping too.perrie came next to me and told me i was great and that really meant a lot to me dont get me wrong if the boys tell am doind a good job makes me happy but when perrie told me that i was great i felt like i could do anything.

author note:

sorry i have not been updating i dirent feel in mood to write and i dirent want to write a bad chapter so lets just say i took a break.thanks for liking this story i know is not the best but am trying anyways thanks so much i will try to update another chapter today.

by kitties (yes that wat am calling you guys)

Xx jennyXx


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