the only one that stole my heart

harry styles fanfiction


2. the call

harry p.o.v

it has been two days since i have met jenny.every day and night am thinking about her.she is so beautiful,her eyes,her smile,her body;and dont get me wrong i know about my history about me being a manwhore but that all lies like most of the things the paparazzi says but anyways i am very sad i want her to call so badly. i think that am in love with i am in the car with louis and liam we are going to a private beach.the others are already there ,we stoped for a coffe .i was talking to liam when my phone stared playing am sexy and i know it and guess what is was JENNY i stared smiling when i saw her name.

hello:i said 

hey sorry i courent call you earlier i was busy with wedding stuff:she said 

you are getting married?? i asked sounding surprise and sad ;when i said that liam and louis stare at me like i was crazy

no,no my mom is,she said laughing 

oh never mine then,i was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with me and some friends? i asked scare of her answer

yeah i would love too ,she said 

okey i will pick you up in 15 minutes 

sure see you 

jenny p.o.v

omg i wanted to call harry this past days but my mom ask me if i could help her with the wedding and she dirent let me do anything else,but today i was free so i decided to call harry.we talk for about five minutes when he ask me if i wanted to go with him and some friends to the beach.i said yes.i was very happy and then liam phace came into my mine like i love harry but liam look so cute and nice in the picture that harry showed me when we met. i was getting ready when i heard someone open the front door of my house and only three people have the key for the house my mom,my stepdad and me of mom corent be becouse she was shopping and planning the wedding so then i remember that mom told me that robert that my stepdad name was coming to pick up something.we hade our differences but we were similar in one way we hate each other,i dirent want to tell mom becouse she look so happy with him and i would do anything to make my mom happy ever since my dad died she has been stepdad dosent like when i hang out with boys so i have to lied to him but that was easy becouse he was stupid and i was a good liar when i wanted to be.

hey robert um mom told me to pick up some stuff for the wedding so i better go dont want to make her mad when she is getting married in four days right? 

oh okey but be here early so we could all go somewhere special like a family he said

yeah whatever bye

when i got out of the house and locked the door i saw the same car i hade see two days ago when i meat harry.harry got out of the car and stared walking towards me in shorts(omg he look so cute with shorts).

hey jenny you look beautiful today he said with the famous smirk 

thx you dont look so bad yourself i said blushing

you blush a lot but  is adorable so lets go we dont want to be late

when we were next to the car harry opened the car door for me i sat in the passanger seat and when i look back i saw louis and liam smilling and saying hi,i said hi and put my seat belt harry sat on the drivers seat and took my hand.we drove for about 20 minutes when i heard a car door open and then harry open my door while louis and liam run.

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